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These 7 Beauty Ingredients Are Just Perfect For Your Oily Skin!


Pimples, zits, clogged pores, blackheads, excessive sebum, redness are common enemies of an oily skin lady. No matter what she does oil just doesn't stop shining on her face. If you are an oily skin beauty you would completely understand the way your face turns super shiny and how much ever blotting sheets you use, they just don't give up on your face! You have changed your diet, started homemade scrubs, packs and yet if nothing has changed, your skin texture it is time to look in different direction. For oily skin ladies trying a new product can definitely worsen their skin texture, hence to help you, pretty girls, we have listed a set of chemical ingredients that is a must have for your beauty and makeup products. These ingredients are foods for your skin and prevent acne, excess oil, and clogged pores. It will soothe your skin and work in enhancing your oily skin, take a look.

1. Buy noncomedogenic products:
This is the first step for a flawless skin. As you suffer from open pores, it is important that you look for products that have noncomedogenic labels on them. Noncomedogenic means it will prevent clogging of pores and occurrence of blackheads, a troublesome issue of every oily skin. So buy only these beauty products and keep your skin clean.

2. Salicylic acid:
Make this ingredient your BFF. Salicylic acid is extracted from the willow bark and it helps in neutralizing bacteria trapped in the pores. It soaks up oils and prevents any kind of breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads. You can use toners, face wash that is infused with salicylic acid and get a picture perfect skin.

Tip: Avoid alcohol toners that will strip off your essential oils and may turn horrific for your skin.

3. Makeup products with benzoyl peroxide:

Makeup junkies, if you think your makeup products are giving you zits and breakouts, then it is time to switch for makeup products that have benzoyl peroxide ingredient in them. It is a fabulous ingredient that fights acne, blemishes and keeps the pores clean. If you are looking for concealers then look for the ingredient benzoyl peroxide, it will destroy the bacteria and regenerate new cells thus giving a blemish free skin. Now isn't this a wonder ingredient?

4. Clay and sulfur mask:

Clay, Multani mitti are favorites of every oily skin girl, as it absorbs the excessive oil, removes impurities and gives a natural glow. Also if you find difficult to get clay mask you can look for the ingredient sulfur, which is an excellent oil absorber and antibacterial agent. It soaks up excessive sebum and kills bacteria that causes acne.

5. Silicone based foundation:

Now if you are wondering that silicone is good for your skin or not, then try investing on foundations, primers that are silicone based. Silica is a mineral that prevents makeup entering your pores, also it absorbs excessive oil and will bring a long-lasting, matte finish to your face.

6. Glycolic acid:
It is one of the beauty arsenals of oily skin beauties. It is extracted from sugar cane, which helps in improving the skin texture and prevents pimples, clogging of pores. Many dermatologists suggest face wash, lotions, creams that have this powerful ingredient glycolic acid.

7. Retinol:

 Though retinol, is an important ingredient for all skin types, it is extremely beneficial for an oily skin lady. It not only fights aging and builds collagen that forms the skin texture, but even tightens the pores that prevent excessive sebum, breakouts, blackheads. So if you haven't started using retinol creams, it is time to use them in beautifying your skin.

Girls, it is time to bid goodbye to your oily, acne prone skin and bring a change that you have been dreaming of.

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