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10 Amazing Beauty and Health Benefits Of Nutmeg/Jaiphal


Brimming with fragrance and good taste nutmeg or jaiphal is one of the rich spices hailing from Indonesia that is used in various Indian cuisines especially Biryani. The good thing about nutmeg is that it is replete of goodness and you can use it for various of your skincare issues. Also, it has a fair amount of health benefits which is why we decided to share the numerous benefits of nutmeg. Nutmeg is rich in Vitamin B, manganese dietary fibre, copper and various other minerals. Get into the stunning ways you can use nutmeg in your skincare regime as well as for your wellness.

1. Zit zapper:
Acne prone skin, good news if you want an organic way of treating the acne then you can try nutmeg it will help in clearing off the acne. The antibacterial properties of nutmeg will kill the bacteria and keep your skin clean and clear.

Recipe: Powder the nutmeg and mix it with milk and apply it on your acne for half an hour. You would see the zits reduced and even the inflammation would subside.

2. Perfect Exfoliator:
Clear your face from blackheads, dirt, grime with nutmeg. It acts as a natural cleansing agent that will wash away the dirt and keep your face clean.

Recipe: Take powdered nutmeg and add a few drops of Apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Smear this mixture on your face and once it dries, pat your face with water and gently scrub your face. You would notice your skin turning smooth and soft.

3. Blemish free face:

Nutmeg can easily banish the pesky spots, scars and give you a flawless skin. It has healing properties and even sloughs the dead skin cells that will promote healthy skin and fade off the scars.

Recipe: Take equal parts of nutmeg powder, honey, and squeeze a small amount of lemon juice. Apply it on your scars, spots and leave it overnight. If you aren't comfortable leaving overnight, then let it stay for an hour or so and rinse with cool water.

4. As moisturizer for dry skin:

If you have super dry skin that craves for heavy cream then you can use nutmeg. It has hydrating properties that will lock the moisture content on your face as well as help in boosting the skin texture and even keep signs of aging at bay.

Recipe: Take coconut milk or whole milk and add nutmeg powder to it. Smear it on your face and let is rest for 15 minutes. Rinse your face and get supple, smooth and tighten skin texture.

5. Voluminous hair:
Tired of your hair fall? Then try nutmeg oil, it will improve the blood circulation which will strengthen the hair follicles and boosts the hair growth and reduce hair fall

6. Glossy tresses:
Get natural sheen in your hair with nutmeg oil. It will work on your hair and increase the moisture content which will give your hair a healthy and shiny look. Massage your scalp with this oil and leave it overnight. Wash with shampoo and air dry. Do this weekly once.

7. Detoxifies body:

Nutmeg is rich in antioxidants which will help in flushing out the toxins and even help in dissolving kidney stones. You can add nutmeg powder to a glass of water and drink it daily for body cleansing.
Tip: Nutmeg even cures several digestive issues.

8. Treats insomnia:
Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Then you can bring an end to it with the help of nutmeg powder. Nutmeg is rich in magnesium, which will increase the serotonin release and calm your nerves which will aid in a good sleep. Add a pinch of nutmeg in your warm milk and drink it before your bedtime, you will find a good change in your sleep pattern.

9. Improves brain health:
Keep brain diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer far away from your body with nutmeg. Nutmeg has compounds that will prevent the degradation of neural pathways and reduce the risk of brain diseases Add a good amount of nutmeg in your meals, or drink nutmeg milk and keep your brain healthy.

10. Good oral health:
Bad breath, tooth decay can be treated easily with nutmeg. Use nutmeg oil, nutmeg powder with your toothpaste and bid goodbye to various oral diseases. Nutmeg has antibacterial properties which will subside the tooth decay and reduce bad breath.

Apart from these, nutmeg even prevents cancer cell growth, lowers blood pressure, improves bone health and keeps you super healthy always. Use nutmeg and stay fit and fabulous always. 

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