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3 Home Remedies For Brides To Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair!


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The clock is ticking, and is almost time for your wedding day. You have completed all the shaddi preparation and it’s time to concentrate on your face. Well, most of us choose to go for pre-bridal make-up and facial to get that radiant glow. But sometimes these treatments take the ugly turn leaving us with acne problems and red face.

Another, problem that almost all the soon-to-be-brides face is unwanted facial hair. So, to get rid of it we go for bleaching, waxing and shaving but we don’t get any permanent option to permanently cure it (and that’s when we put our hands up). Dear brides-to-be don’t get your hopes down so soon, because we are telling you 3 home remedies to get rid of unwanted facial hair permanently.

Gram flour and turmeric
This is age old method used suggested by all the Dadi and Nani ma’s to get rid of unwanted facial hair. The turmeric is said to be good for a get the glow on the face. Also, it helps to control the hair growth. While gram flour (besan) is used to make the skin smooth and flawless. Together they both become one of the most effective face packs to get rid of facial hair.
Take a bowl put 2 tablespoon of gram flour and add 2-3 pinch of turmeric powder. Add some milk to it to make it a thick paste. Apply the paste on to your face and let it dry. Once the pack gets dry, use your hands to remove the face pack and wash off the remaining with water. Use this method thrice a week to get that super smooth skin without any facial hair for your wedding.

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Egg white and sugar mask
Egg whites are used in many face packs and hair packs to enjoy the benefits of it. But egg whites aren’t limited to it all; they are even used to get rid of unwanted facial hair. It also makes the skin white and tight. This natural treatment is effective for the brides to get smoother, clear and brighter skin. Take egg white in a bowl, add 2 tablespoon of white or brown sugar to it. Mix it well, and remember to make the paste thicker. Apply this directly on your face and let it dry. Once it gets dry, remove the pack while scrubbing in circular motion and wash it off with water. To get instant result before the D-day, we advise you to apply it thrice a week.  

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Oatmeal, honey and sugar scrub
Can’t wait to get rid of unwanted hair for your wedding, then the best tried and tested method is to go for oatmeal, honey and sugar scrub. It shows good and quicker result. Take a bowl; add 2 tbsp. of oatmeal, 2 tbsp. of honey and 2 tbsp. sugar. Mix them well and apply it on face and let it dry. Remove it with fingers once the pack gets dry. It naturally makes the skin smooth. 
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