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4 Cool Cucumber Face Masks For Nourishing Your Skin


We had earlier shared a post on the benefits of cucumber juice, and today we would like you to try cucumber face masks that will refresh you for the weekend and supercharge you for the upcoming week. Cucumbers are healthy foods that do a great deal of goodness inside and out. They are completely refreshing and have rich oxidants, nutrients that soothe your skin. If you are looking for easy face masks, then cucumber is your go-to ingredient, use them for pampering your skin and feel amazed with its stunning results. Take a look and start chopping the cucumbers right away. 

#Mask 1:
This face mask is for hydrating your skin. Cucumber has high levels of water content that will moisturise your skin and protect it from dryness. Also the presence of Vitamin A, potassium will keep your skin supple. Take your blender and add ½ cucumber and 2 tablespoons yogurt, blend the ingredients into a fine paste and with an old makeup brush smear it on your face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and get a super smooth, rejuvenating skin.

#Mask 2:
If you are noticing fine lines, crow's feet or any other signs of aging then use this cucumber face pack. Cucumber is rich in Vitamin C that will boost the collagen production and also is rich in Vitamin B which will improve the blood circulation and bring a glow on your face. Make a thick paste of cucumber, lemon and aloe vera gel. Lemon will remove dark spots, blemishes, and aloe vera gel will nourish your skin and keep fine lines at bay. Make sure you apply this mask twice a week for faster results.

#Mask 3:
This face mask will cleanse your pores, keep your face clean and even moisturise your skin. You would need grated cucumber and 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Whip the ingredients and slather it on your face and neck, leave it for 15-20 minutes and gently scrub your face. Rinse with cool water and repeat this beauty recipe twice a week. 

#Mask 4:
You can use cucumber to absorb the excess oil from your face too. So this beauty face pack is for all the oily ladies who are tired of their excessive sebum, acne. All you need is grated cucumber, oatmeal and a few drops of tea tree oil. Mix the ingredients and apply it on your face, once the pack dries wash with cool water. Oatmeal will act as an exfoliating agent and slough off the dead skin cells, and tea tree oil will ward off bacteria and control acne. Use this thrice a week if you have severe breakouts. 

Let us know if you have used cucumber as a face pack. Do involve them in your diet,  for a gorgeous skin and a great body. 

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