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5 Body Cleansing Fruit Drink + Weight Loss Detox Drink Recipe


Once a week we all must involve in body detoxification. It does wonders to the body and skin. Our body takes in loads of toxins that gets stored in the body parts and sometimes the toxins results in skin as acne, zits, cysts. Detoxification even improves your digestive system and prevents colon cancer and other diseases. If bloating, constipation, fatigue, dehydration are common issues, then involve in body cleansing. It will energise your body, boost the immune system, keep your digestive system healthy, promote healthier skin and hair. With tons of goodness involved in body cleansing, let's find out which are the 5 body cleansing fruit juices that will improve your health and well-being.

1. Refreshing watermelon drink:

Flush out the toxins from your body with the yummiest fruit watermelon. It has amino acids that will filter your liver and kidney from ammonia, which have the power to damage your body cells. It will make your liver healthy and keep it strong. You can enhance the watermelon juice with mint leaves and lemons.

2. Colon cleansing apple drink:
We all know how an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if you too lazy to eat an apple, then make infuse it in water which will cleanse your body and keep you healthy. Fresh organic apple juice is known for colon cleansing, regulates sugar levels and expels all the impurities from your body saving you from bloating, constipation and other health issues.
Tip: add cinnamon powder for a spicy flavor.

3. Liver detoxifier grapefruit drink:

Grapefruit is an excellent liver detoxifier, it will flush the carcinogen that can cause cancer tumors. Also, the rich enzymes in grapefruit will burn the extra fat deposits from your body. This fruit juice will even prevent premature aging and bring a natural glow to your face. Infuse grapefruit in the water, drink it daily morning and keep yourself healthy.

4. Fat flush lemon juice:
This fruit is for all the lazy folks, who are just in no mood to make any juice. Just squeeze half a lemon in your water and tada detoxify your body from all the toxins. How easy it that? Lemons contain a good amount of Vitamin C, antioxidants that do a good job of cleansing your body. Also, it will keep your body energised and urinary tract healthy. Drink a glass of lemon juice daily morning and purify your body from toxins.

5. Strawberry kiwi detox drink:

This detox drink is supercharged with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will flush out the toxins, keep your body hydrated and energised. Kiwi has Vitamin A, E that will rid the free radicals from your body, whereas strawberry will hydrate and even work in shedding weight.

Weight Loss Detox Drink Recipe:
1 cucumber
Watermelon chunks
1 lemon
Mint leaves
1 bottle of water

Infuse all the ingredients in the water and squeeze 2-3 slices of lemon. You can drink this water all day and keep yourself hydrated. This drink will even lose the stubborn fat.

We hope you detox your body and stay healthy and fabulous forever. Share with us your favorite detox drink.

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