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5 Super Easy Home Recipes For Long and Curly Eyelashes


We are sure many of you cannot step out of your home without the dripping mascara. After all, who doesn't enjoy healthy, dramatic looking eyes? What if you naturally get the long, dramatic eyelashes? No, we aren't kidding, you can seriously get long lashes with natural remedies, but yes, you have to be patient and regular for stunning results. Now many of us never really bother about lashes, we leave it to our favorite mascara. But natural beauty has its own perks, you feel good and confident about yourself and with that in our mind, we bring you unique and super easy home recipes for long curly lashes.

1. Green tea:

This wonder drink doesn't only help in shedding fat, but even prevent hair fall. If you have thin eyelashes, then brew a cup of green tea and thicken your eyelashes. It has antioxidants that will promote healthy eyelashes and give a volume that you have been looking for.

2. Shea butter:

Shea butter is rich in Vitamin B, E, fatty acids, vitamins that will promote voluminous eyelashes. It has moisturising properties that will reduce dryness and make them rich. You can take your old mascara wand and dab Shea butter in it and curl your eyelashes with the mascara. Do this before your beauty sleep and get healthy eyelashes within weeks.

3. Castor oil and rosemary oil:

Castor oil is one the easiest and most common method for eyelash growth. You can enhance this recipe with rosemary oil which will help in promoting hair growth as well as to prevent greying of your eyelashes. You would need to mix a small amount of both the oil and with the help of mascara wand or eyebrow brush slather it on your eyelashes. You will get gorgeous looking eyelashes.

4. Aloe vera gel:
This is a holy grail for your hair and even eyelashes. It has enzymes, minerals, vitamins A, B12, E, folic acid that will strengthen your eyelashes and give you the lush, seductive eyelashes. Extract the gel out of the aloe vera plant and apply it on your eyelashes and sleep with it. Wash it the next day and repeat every night. You would definitely notice changes in a month’s time.

5. Lemon peel and extra virgin olive oil:
Both are powerful ingredients that will have terrific results on your eyelashes. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in Vitamin E which will boost the hair growth and the lemon has high levels of Vitamin A, C that promotes voluminous eyelashes. Dry lemon peels in the sun for 2-3 days and then heat the olive oil and add the lemon peels in the oil so that it infuses into the olive oil. Let it stay overnight and start using for the next day. Curl your eyelashes with this mixture and you would get long lashes soon.

Tip: Instead of lemon peel you can even opt for honey

6. Vaseline:

Very lazy to try any of the recipes, then smear your eyelashes with vaseline, it will work on growing thicker eyelashes. It has moisturizing properties which will keep your hair hydrated and gradually voluminous your eyelashes. You can apply it on your eyelashes and leave it overnight, wash the next day.

Tip: Don't use any other product like lip balms, the only vaseline will help in growing thicker eyelashes.

So girls aren't these super easy beauty recipes for drool worthy eyelashes? Make sure you massage your eyelids, eat a healthy diet and look fabulous forever.

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