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5 Foods That You Shouldn't Eat Before Your Bedtime


According to doctors and experts dinner should be completed two hours before the bedtime. But we are quite sure not many follow this due to different work patterns, routines, however, if you can't eat 2 hours before your bedtime you can definitely skip certain foods that can cause havoc to your beauty sleep and internal system. There are foods that can affect your brain and keep you awake for longer hours also there are certain foods that can disturb your digestive system and give a total discomfort. So if you don't want your precious sleep to be disturbed, avoid these 5 foods before your bedtime or even as your 2 am snack. 

1. Dark chocolates:
Sorry sweet lovers, but dark chocolates, candies are high in sugar and fat that can spike your blood sugar levels and disturb your night's sleep in no time. Also, dark chocolates contain caffeine that increases your heart rate and keeps you awake. 

2. Fried food:
We know you are tired hearing about how unhealthy junk foods are but they are high in saturated fats that take a long time to digest and cause discomfort while sleeping. Instead of hamburgers, french fries you can munch on a handful of nuts, fruits and sleep like a baby.

3. Aerated drinks:
The only work aerated drinks do is appeal your taste buds and keep you full, apart from that they are no good for your health. So it is best to avoid them before your bedtime, they have a high amount of refined sugar that spikes the glucose levels and disturb your sleep. It is best to drink green tea, chamomile tea before bed as they induce good sleep.

4. Ice cream:
2 am night owls love bingeing on their favorite ice creams, but as they have a good amount of sugar and fats that can rush your blood levels and disturb your sleep patterns. You can end your ice cream curbs by having them during mid-day.

5. Spicy foods:
If you don't want to suffer from acid reflux, burning sensations, then avoid eating spicy food before your bedtime. Spicy foods can increase the stomach acid, give nausea feeling  and disturb your complete sleep pattern. 

So next time you think of bingeing on these foods before your bedtime, think of this post and how these foods can damage your body and sleep. Eat healthy foods and stay fit and fabulous always. 

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