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5 Health Benefits In A Cup Of Lemon Ginger Tea + Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe


A cup of coffee, soft music, and interesting book is all you need on a rainy day. But what if we suggest you to replace your cup of coffee with sweet and spicy lemon ginger tea? You might replace it once you read about the amazing wellness benefits of lemon ginger tea. Lemon and ginger are two overpacked ingredients that are brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals which benefit in improving the quality of your health. We have already shared with you the stunning benefits of ginger tea, today let's dive into the amazing health benefits of lemon ginger tea.

1. Help with weight loss:
When the lemon is involved in a drink, it has to work on speeding your metabolism rate. Both ginger and lemon have anti-inflammatory properties that will work on shedding the stubborn fat and keep you in good shape. Drink lemon ginger tea on an empty stomach and stay fit.

2. Boosts immunity system:
Both ginger and lemon work amazingly on improving your immune system. Lemon are a great source of Vitamin C, whereas ginger  has antioxidants that will fight foreign bodies and keep your body strong. Also, the flavonoids in the lemon will restrict the growth cancer cells. Whereas the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon and ginger will reduce arthritis too. Now isn't this a healing drink for your body?

3. Healthy heart:

Cardiovascular diseases are life threatening and the easiest way to protect your body from these diseases is lemon ginger tea. The vitamins, minerals will stimulate good blood circulation and also prevent blockage in the arteries restricting heart attacks, strokes.

4. Controls blood sugar levels:
If you have a family history of diabetes, then it is advised to drink lemon ginger tea which has the power to control the glucose levels. Ginger is a great source of zinc, which plays a vital role in production and storage of the hormone- insulin that controls the blood sugar levels. Drink on a daily basis and keep your sugar levels under check, as well as prevent other health ailments such as kidney damage, eye diseases.

5. Detoxifier:
Lemon ginger tea is a supercharged drink that will flush out the toxins and detoxes your body. Both the ingredients will work on colon cleansing, improve the digestive system and reduce the chances of bloating, constipation. You will feel light and energised with this fabulous drink.

Lemon ginger tea recipe:

What you need:

½ sliced ginger
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon lemon
1 cup water

How to make:

Heat the water on a medium flame and add sliced ginger to it. Once the water boils, turn off the flame and add honey and lemon. Voila, the lemon ginger tea is ready.

Drink lemon ginger tea daily and notice the positive impacts on your health. Do you like lemon ginger tea? Share your views in the comments below.

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