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6 HOME Vastu Shastra Tips For The Newlyweds For A Happily Ever After


Marriages are union of two souls which tie in a sacred bond of staying together forever and ever. While we prepare for all the little arrangements, we get the jitters thinking about what the future holds for us. After all, the entire journey is not as easy as it sounds; it has its own share of happiness, and emotional days. To fight it all and come strong that’s what we all prepare for.
While at #Wedstreetstyle we don’t encourage any superstition, however, we do believe in energies. And Vastu is all about it. It’s a science of architecture. It is said to play an important role in everyone’s life. So, here are 5 top tips for those about to get married or newly married couples.

#1 Know your bedroom
First of all before finalising or going for any renovation, remember to check for directions. For newlywed couples the best direction to have bedroom in is South-West or North-West direction. It is believed that the magnetic energy of these directions sparks love and understanding among the new partners.

While selecting the bed for your new room, remember to opt for a wooden bed with regular shape. Always avoid sleeping on iron beds and round bed.
Also, make sure that you sleep in south direction.

Directions to Avoid: Never construct or choose a bedroom in North-East or South-East direction.
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#2 Bedroom Colours
Not all of us know the colour psychology. Colours play an important role in our life; it can make our mood and sometimes can even spoil it. For newlyweds the best colour option while constructing the room is to opt for light colours like hues of blue, soft pinks, yellow and sea green.

Colours to Avoid: Black, Grey, creams and dark brown

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#3 Avoid Electronics
The first few months are building days of a relationship. You tend to understand your better half slowly and gradually. You start knowing their likes and dislikes, and build up mutual understanding together. So, to make your marriage happy and successful avoid laptops, office files and books. Say no to them in your bedroom. Also, the waves in it can disturb your sleep (so, it’s better to avoid them).

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#4 Place the mirror right
Ever heard from your grandparents to not avoid mirrors in the couple room, well it had a reason and Vastu justifies it rightly. The energies that radiates from the mirror can lead to misunderstanding and quarrel. Though we know it’s hard to avoid mirrors that too in a newly wedded couple. One way you can have it is inside your wardrobe, or a pull out mirror with dressing table. Also, always remember to have your room well lit; it would be great if natural light comes in. It maintains the love between the couple.

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#5 Use fresh flowers for Happy Relation
I had never met a single person, who doesn’t smile seeing flowers. Flowers have this special ability of lighting up any mood. The fresh flowers will also add fragrance to your room, and will always keep your relationship fresh and smiling. Remember not to opt for artificial flowers as they can lead to artificiality in your relationship. You can also use scented candles to make your love life full of passion. 

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#6 Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
Surely, every couple wants a beautiful wedding picture in their room. Remember to place a beautiful shot from your wedding nicely framed on eastern wall of your room. Avoid any other person in and strictly stick to couple shot only. The pictures placed on the eastern wall will radiate positive energy in your relationship. 

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#Wedstreetstyle team wishes all the couples to be a very happy married life!

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