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IMPORTANT Tips To Co-Ordinate Your Jewellery With Your Wedding outfit


Weddings are important as it’s a start of new life with someone you know nothing about. You leave everything behind from your name to your room to all your loved ones. The journey from Miss to Mrs is special and so to make it more special you need to have best of everything (After all you deserve it).  We need to pay attention to all the details from wedding venue to menu, from dresses to makeup and everything else. 

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However, often brides take so much time selecting the wedding lehenga that they ignore the jewellery and goes all wrong with it. Everyone is looking at you and your jewellery is really important to woo everyone. So, to help you in co-ordinating your jewellery with your shaddi outfit #Wedstreetstyle team had created a complete guide.

What to buy first? Bridal Outfit or Jewellery!

If asked this question to any random bride-to-be they will obviously say bridal outfit. But wrong! We know you have all the dreams for your shaddi outfit and you get all excited and buy the outfit first and then the jewellery. However, you go all wrong here. The right way to proceed is to select your jewellery first (before finalising your wedding dress), know what you want to wear on the wedding day and then go find the matching outfit.
It gets easier this way, as you can match your jewellery with the lehenga and can switch for necklines or colours to compliment the dress but it gets difficult the other way round. You can even ask the jeweller to make the design first but not to put the beads in it till you select the lehenga colour.
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Go for Contrasting

Don’t try and match everything in the same colour. Try wearing contrasting colour that suits you, and makes you look more elegant.

#1 If you are wearing a pink lehenga, instead of wearing rubies or pink stone necklace, opt for emerald necklace. It will make your whole look pop out and all the eyes will set on you and your style sense.

#2 If your outfit is of white or gold or yellow colour, go for rubies. They will really look beautiful with these colours.

#3 If there are lot of colours in your lehenga, the best jewellery that will go with it is pearl. It will radiate pure elegance and makes your look complete.

#4 If you have selected a pastel colour lehenga, then make sure you select colourless stones and pearls.
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Understand your Blouse Neckline
If you want to wear a choker necklace, and you have selected a high neck choli, believe us the whole look will spoil. If you have too much work on your blouse and you are opting for some heavy jewellery matching it. It will be a big wedding blunder as everything will mismatch. So, to avoid you need to pay attention while selecting the blouse neckline keeping your wedding jewellery in mind.
#1 If you have selected a choker necklace, opt for a low neckline. It will look really great and everything will match.
#2 A high neck blouses will look great with a Rani Haar, with this kind of neckline you can even opt for heavy earrings and no necklace look.
#3 If you have selected a round neckline, opt for round necklace then V shapes.
#4 V-necklines will look best with V-shaped necklaces.
#5 If you have selected a sweetheart go for a round necklace close to your neck. This will look really beautiful.
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Tips to Remember

1.    Remember not to copy any random style that any other bride wore on her wedding. It might be looking good on her but won’t necessarily look good on you.
2.   Do not repeat jewellery on your mehendi or wedding. Select different pieces for different outfit and ceremonies
3.     Search for styles and quality, do a good quality search, then buy any jewellery

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