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7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Wedding Blouse Stitched!


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Only brides and their family know how much planning needs to be done before finalising the beautiful saree or lehenga that makes everyone go weak on their knees. It’s not easy searching from shop to shop for one dress that radiates her style and class. And when finally you find one, the next step is to get the blouse or choli stitched. However, this is the stage where most of the brides forget to pay attention, and we go for any random cuts and designs that our local tailor suggests. Even, sometimes we try to add so many styles into one choli, blouse that its elegance fades.
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This is one of the biggest shaddi mistakes (Result: Regret, Regret and Regret), often all the brides-to-be do. Fret not brides, at #Wedstreetstyle you will get from all the big details to tiniest one like tips to getting your bloused stitch. So, read on, take your time out, think and then call your darzi because your blouse can make your whole look and sometimes even spoil it (and believe us no one wants that).

#1 Pay Attention to the sleeves
The first and foremost thing you should clear out is the sleeve length; this alone can make all the difference. Because everything hides under the dupatta and only sleeves are visible. Go for some delicate work on the sleeves that oomph your entire look. If you have selected and elbow length or 3/4th sleeves, avoid wearing too many bangles with it. Sleeveless blouse or cholis look really good but avoid it for the main wedding day.

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 #2 Understand the Design
Remember, brides do not go for any random blouse cut or designs that you saw recently in fashion week or movie. It might be looking good on them but it won’t necessarily look best on you. Avoid this blunder and know your body type and design that will suit you best. If you have a great shoulder to flaunt then opt for sleeveless or bikini blouse (take the note, it will look best on you). Half sleeves with some work on the sleeves, if you have thin arms. 3/4th sheer sleeves if you are heavy on your arms. Full sleeves will look best on athlete body type like Deepika Padukone.

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#3 Keep it simple
If your saree or lehenga is too heavy with all the beautiful details then make sure you keep your blouse light. No one wants to see lot of happening around your lehenga and the blouse as it can really break the whole look. Take note of this and choose your blouse accordingly. Also, make sure to balance out your whole lehenga and choli look.

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#4 The Right Bra with the Right blouse
Lingerie is really, really and really important to flawlessly wear your favourite blouse design (because who wants uncomfortable straps peeping out of the blouse). Make sure you are wearing the right bra while you go out and give your measurement to the tailor. You can go for padded cups inside the blouse to get the perfect shape and style. It will not only look good, but will also save you from any uncomfortable problem. Also, make sure you opt for side zipper with it and avoid going for buttons.

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#5 Choose the right Fabric
Understand your fabric type, then only you can choose the design that you love with your lehenga or saree. Don’t just listen to what masterji tell you, know the fabric yourself. If your blouse is of crepe or chiffon, go for inner lining as without it will fall. Brocade blouses need a thicker lining.  Make sure to spend on a good lining that makes the blouse more beautiful. And if there are lot of work and embroideries on the blouse, make sure to get it covered with a soft lining, so that you get saved from the itchiness that comes with it.

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#6 Know Your Body
We are again telling you, do not just go for any random cuts without knowing what will look good on you. Know what body type you have, if you have a pretty long neck go for boat neck. If you have small bust, opt for halter necks choli and blouse with heavy work so that you don’t go flat there. If you are blessed with heavy bust, then the best cut will be a sweetheart neck. If you have back fat don’t go for anything with strings.

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#7 Say no to Front open blouses/cholis
Say no to front open blouses or cholis right away. They never look good with the saree or lehenga as it is bounds to show. Rather go for side zippers or back zippers. If you are going for a jacket blouse then only go for front open or else drop the idea right away.

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Do’s & Don’ts

1.       Remember to get the bust measurement right for a nice fitted blouse.
2.       Always and always leave two inches inside, if by chance you put on weight.
3.    Check for the finish, make sure no hooks are popping out or loose buttons and threads showing
4.       Don’t go for any random trend, know your body type.
5.      Once stitched, check for the fit; make sure it is not too tight from the sleeves, as it will be difficult for you to wear it whole night.
6.   If you are opting for deep necklines, remember that it’s not too deep since it’s your wedding.
7.       Drape the duppata right, so that the work on the blouse shows
8.    If you are opting for a high neck blouse, don’t go for a heavy necklace with it. As the whole look will spoil

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