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7 Real Brides Show You How To Style The Double Dupatta On Your Wedding!


Dear Brides-to-be,
We know how much time you invest in finalising your attire for the big day. You have to go through so many trials and no's and what not to get the lehenga that everyone agrees on. And then comes the struggle of whether to stick to one dupatta or go with the double dupatta trend. However, those who are still confused, clear your doubt here. And those who had decided to take double dupatta on their big day, get inspired from these real brides.

#1 The Royal Class!
The bride opted for a pink lehenga with it she carried the double dupatta trend so gorgeously. We loved how she took her main dupatta on one side of her hand and pinned it under her bracelet. And carried the other as pallu.

#2 The Saree Style
Another pretty bride beautifully carrying the double dupatta trend. What attracted us to her was the way she carried a golden dupatta as a saree pallu and put the other one for the head. Ahh, she is one dotting bride.

#3 At the front!
How pretty the bride is looking with two dupattas of almost same colour. She took the one at the front the way we take any normal dupatta with patiala and with the other she covered her head. Loved the inner facing of her dupatta, it adding to her charm.

#4 Simply pretty!
Though both the dupattas in the same colour but the borders are different, one has a sleek border while the other one has more heavy border. The first dupatta is carried off as a pallu on the head while the other one is tightly pinned on the shoulder and edges left loose.

#5 Shades of Maroon
The bride opted for the same colour dupattas, and carried one in the front as a saree drape tucked tightly at the back.

#6 The Colour Contrast
The bride opted for a heavier dupatta on the head and kept the simple lightweight on the shoulder as seedha saree drape. The bride is looking so cute with the hot pink and a balancing neutral tone blush. 

#7 Pretty Red & Golden  Shades
This is our personal favourite the bride opted for a red dupatta on her head and kept the one on the shoulder in a simple golden with red narrow border.

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