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#BrideGuide: How To Choose Double Dupatta Versus Single Dupatta For Your Wedding!


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Once the wedding outfit is selected and you finalize the matching jewellery with it, the next question that often pops into every bride's mind is whether to take single or double dupatta. The Dupatta game can seriously make or brake your complete lehenga look. So, we thought to guide you in the Dupatta dilemma and help you select one.

Pick Double Dupatta only if -

#1 Your First Dupatta is Heavy!
If your first dupatta is too heavy to put on your head all night, in that case go for the second dupatta that's lighter and can easily be carried all through the night.

#2 You want the old regal look
Pick a second dupatta if you want to add the royal touch in all over your ensemble. We all know the second dupatta always add the classic regal touch to your outfit. So, if you want to perfect this look then select a second dupatta or else just skip it.

#3 Your dupatta is less than 2.5 meters
In this case you need to select the second dupatta as a 2.5 meter dupatta won't go over your head. You need second dupatta to get your game strong. So, always measure the length of your dupatta.

#4 To add more colour  to your outfit
Ok, pick a second dupatta if you want to highlight one particular colour in your outfit, like a fuchsia pink. Choose that colour dupatta which is already there in your lehenga. This is a smart way to add colours you love.

#5 To hide the tummy!
You can pick a double dupatta if you have problem areas like tummy fat or heavy arms. This is a nice way to hide all those extra fat under the second dupatta with style.

Stick to single Dupatta if-

#1 You want to keep it fuss free
Remember handling two dupatta with heavy lehenga is not a nice option and can create more problems. So, stick to single dupatta if you want to stay fuss free all through the night.

#2 You want to be the minimal bride
Another reason to stick to single dupatta trend is if you want to be the minimalist bride.

#3 If your lehenga is filled with colours
Don't opt for a second dupatta, if your lehenga already has two colours and you have different colour blouse as well, Adding more colours will spoil your look.

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