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6 Super Easy Overnight Beauty Treatments For Amazing Skin On Your Wedding Day!


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No matter how good your makeup artist is, there are some things that they will not tell you. Like how to get the flawless bridal glow or the perfect glistening hair. It comes from within or with some super easy beauty  treatments that can make you glow overnight for your big day. So, here are some real magic tricks that can give you a glowing skin within just a night, toss away your old beauty regime that takes months to work. 

 #1 For Overnight Glowing Skin
If you want overnight glowing skin, buy vitamin c tablets and mix half of it in your night cream. You will instantly get the skin you desire the next day. Also, make sure to confirm the mg of the tablet with your Dermatologists. 

#2 For Soft feet within night
If you want to show off your baby soft feet with mehendi next day in your wedding, here is the tip. Apply some Vaseline on your feet and sleep with cotton socks. It will surely make your feet soft as baby the next morning.

#3 For white teeth within seconds!
This is an age old trick to get instant white teeth, sprinkle some baking soda on your brush, rub it across your teeth and rinse it well. You will have picture perfect smile withing seconds.

#4 For Dull skin
If you have pale, dull flaky skin, look out for a night cream that contains glycolic acid. This acid makes your skin glowing and also boosts moisture retention on your skin. Extra tip make sure to get that cream which has low level of glycolic acid.

#5 Fight Dry Skin
For all the winter brides here is a magical tip to fight dry skin in winters. Just sleep in with a humidifier in your room. This trick is really simple as humidifier will hold the moisture and will hydrate your skin, and you will wake up with glowing skin naturally, 

#6 Tired of puffy eyes?
If you are fighting puffiness around your eyes for long, here is an amazing  trick- add extra pillow while you sleep and make sure you sleep on your back. This technique will make the fluids around your eyes to drain and you will get witness less puffiness. 

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