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5 Things Every Brides Misses Once The Wedding Is Over! (It's Just Another Part)


Once your grand wedding is over, and you return from your exotic honeymoon. It's time to face the reality and start living a normal life (ah, wait a life different from your earlier one). There are so many things that gets changed once you tie the knot. Different surname to different room and no ma ke haath ka khana, well as a newly bride there are lot of things you need to gel into. So, here are struggles of every bride once her big day gets over. (It's OK, just laugh it off)

#1 Buhbye! Mummy ke haath ka khana!
Yes, you need bid goodbye to your mom's cooked food (I can't even think of eating a food that's not made by mum). And start working your way into the kitchen. No matter how modern your in-laws are one day or the other, they will expect you to head over the kitchen and take the responsibility
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#2 Roomie for life!
That moment when you wake up, and find a person you have to share your room, closet, bed and bathroom too for life, is a scary thought, that too with a guy. Sorry, but we all know how messy they are. So, forget the sweet scented perfumes and start compromising with the toilet seat that never gets down, the wet towel you will always find on the bed.
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#3 You miss your cat fights with the siblings
OK, it brakes everyone's heart of not finding your sibling in the next room, not having those crazy silly fights over tea or any random thing. You miss seeing them every day, you miss their constant nagging and their careless words. In short, you miss them whole.
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#4 No more waking up late
Say goodbye to your habit of waking up late, in new home, you are expected to wake up early  get dressed and be ready for the morning pooja (and believe us, PJ's are not a good choice). So, sleep as much as you can in your parent's house.
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#5 You miss your HOME!
No matter how good your in-laws are, how loving your husband is, you will always and always miss your mom and dad because no ones loves you the way they do. But as they all say distance makes people get closer.
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