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10 Wedding Day Hacks That Will Turn Your Day Into A Happy One!


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It's your big day, you have to take care of so many things, and in midst of all the running blunders happen. Yes, it happens with all of us, but with some little tips and tricks you can make your day a happiest one. So, here are 10 wedding day hacks you all need to know.

#1 Get yourself a padded blouse or get the bra stitched in your blouse, because there are so much running and stressing that you don't have a time to think about your strapless bra.

#2 If by chance you drop a wine or any other drink on your dress, then ask your friend or sister to put a pinch of salt to it, the stain will get lighten. And you won't stress over looking ahmm messy!

#3 If you want a to make your perfume stay for long, just put a little Vaseline gel on your palm or neck before putting it. The gel will make the perfume stay for longer hours.

#4 Remember to give your photographer list of shots you want to get clicked in, research well and give him the list of romantic shots to bride shots and whatever you want.

#5 If you are drinking in your cocktail and you are scared of getting your teeth stained. Here is a trick just  drink a glass of water after every glass of red wine, we are sure you will have glistening white teeth all through the night.

#6 If on your big day, an unexpected pimple pays a visit, do not pop it. Just scrub a ice on it for 5-10 minutes. After that rub an ice cube all over your face to get the fresh look.

#7 If you had called your in-laws for a dinner night at your home, and you are DIYing the decorations with tealights, then make sure you freeze them all one night before, so that hey last long.

#8 Keep baby wipes handy, in case you got some stains, baby wipes can easily remove them.

#9 There is no sense in carrying a foundation or moisturizer where ever you go on your big day, just put it in your contact lens which will make it easier for you to carry, and won't even leak.

#10 For your brand new wedding shoes, make sure you rub a sandpaper before wearing it so that it gets smooth,

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