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7 Things Bride And Groom Often Forget At Their Wedding!


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Dear Bride and Grooms,

We are sure you are enjoying the process of getting married, looking after all the wedding details and making sure your wedding turns out best. However, still there are things almost all the couple forgets and they are not the little details. So, #Wedstreetstyle team thought to make a checklist for you all about the things all Bride&Groom often forgets.

#1 Sunset Time

We all know that day light pictures turns out to be the best  and natural. So, know the time at what sun will set, so that your photographer gets the best of your wedding day pictures. 

#2 Arrangement

Designate someone on the duty of cross-checking all the wedding arrangement. Put someone on the job to check the arrangements of pick up. 

#3 Seating arrangement

Make sure you have right seating arrangement for the elderly people, you need to have proper seats with back rest so that they don't feel uncomfortable and enjoys all the functions to the fullest.

#4 Arrangements for placing the gifts

Another arrangement that skips are mind often is allotting proper space for guests gifts on stage. You don't want to rush to your cars every time your friends give you something expensive. Make sure you have proper plan to keep those money envelopes safe.

#5 Rain-check

These days it can rain at anytime, so check out for the wedding forecast. And make sure to do pre-arrangement for it. Because no one wants to spoil their big day because of rain.

#6 Meals for vendors

Do not forget the people who are putting so much effort to make your wedding a hit. Also, so much food gets wasted in wedding, so make sure you fund the vendors food as well. 

#7 Eat well!

And remember to eat! Do not skip meal while running around to make your wedding day memorable. 

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