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10 Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Your Wedding Makeup!


We all love makeup, and when it comes to getting ready for the wedding functions, we make sure to look drop dead gorgeous. However, often there are some big makeup mistakes we all are guilty of doing. So, here are 10 makeup mistakes you should all definitely avoid while doing your shaddi makeup because it's an art that we all need to master in.

#1 The wrong foundation tone!

Accept it, we all did this once in our life,  choosing the wrong skin tone just to look more fair. While, we forget that foundation was made to even out our skin. Choosing the wrong colour foundation can make our skin tone look made up, unreal and  cakey. So, our advice do consult a make up expert at the store while buying anything off the rack. 

#2 Too many layers!

Another mistake that we need to stop doing is apply a thick layer of base. For a simple dinner night with your man-to-be or your family. Apply second layer only when you there is a grand function where you need to have that dressed up look. 

#3 Skin Treatments

Please don't go for too many skin treatments as it will harm your skin more. Rather go for natural remedies to combat skin problems. Also, make sure you use natural scrubs on your face than the saloon treatment.

#4 Wrong liner application

Yes, you are doing it wrong all your life. While, we think it's OK to pull our eyes while applying the liner, but according to makeup artist it loosens our skin, and also makes the liner look cracked and creased. The right way is to start applying liner from the end of your lashes to the begining of your it, stroke by stroke.

#5 Wrong lip liner

Who said with lip liner you can make your lips look bigger, wrong! The truth is applying lip liner outside your lips will only look shabby. The right way to have that perfect pout is, use lip plumper along with the lip balm to get the moisture. 

#6 Don't stick to one Style

There is another mistake we all do is sticking to one style for all the function. Believe us, changing different styles and experimenting with new looks will make you look more fresh. Keep experimenting.

#7 Don't share your makeup

This is really unhygienic, never ever apply someone else's makeup or share your makeup kit with your friends. We all have different skin tone and different skin problems, you don't want to share them too. So, don't share your products with anyone ever, not even the lip balm.

#8 Curled eyelashes after Mascara

Uh-oh! It's a blunder, if you have apply mascara before and then curl it. Don't do it, as it can cause some serious damage to your lashes, and who wants that on the wedding day. The right way to do is curl your lashes with every stroke of mascara.

#9 Never disturb your makeup artist

Please, show some respect to this one person who will make you look drop dead  gorgeous for your big day. Never disturb or doubt them while they are doing your makeup. 

#10 Don't demand it all!

Any professional makeup artist puts lot of hard work to make you look beautiful on your big day, So, don't be too demanding. It's OK to tell them what you want but demanding to look like a celebrity while you have lot of skin issues is stupidity. Be realistic, and trust your makeup artist, for them you are important, they will give you the best.

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