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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Henna



We are sure you might be surprised by the title as you have only used henna for mehandi and hair. But according to Ayurvedic practice, many have used this as a healing agent and the results have been amazing. Yes, you can use henna leaves, henna bark, henna oil in various ways and cure your wounds, headache and even control your blood pressure. Surprising right? But henna is one of the versatile herbs that beautifies your hands as well as keeps you healthy. You can grow the henna plant in your garden and use natural henna to cure various health issues. Find out more about how you can use henna for your wellness. 

1. Cures Headache:
If you head is banging with severe pain, then you can add henna leaves to boiling water and once it cools down, dip a clean cloth and cover it on your head. The anti-inflammatory properties of henna leaves will stimulate blood flow and reduce your headaches. 

2. Relief From Arthritic Pain:
Make a fresh paste of henna leaves and apply it on your joints, muscles. You will get a relief from the joint, muscle or tissue pain. You can even use henna oil and ease the rheumatic pains. 

3. Heals The Wounds:
This is one of the Ayurvedic treatment to heal your wounds and burns. It acts as a barrier and prevents infection in your open wounds, also its cooling property will soothe your burnt skin. 

4. Treats Insomnia:
Do you have sleepless nights? Then inhale henna oil or apply it on your head and it will calm your mind and body and induce proper, relaxing sleep. 

5. Reduces Fever:
Henna has cooling properties that will reduce high fever and bring your body back to normal state. Apply the henna paste on your forehead or cover your body with henna leaves and henna will reduce the fever levels.

6. Regulates Blood Pressure:
Drink henna water, or eat the henna seeds and control your high blood pressure. Henna seeds are known for reducing the stress on your heart and even prevent blockage, strokes, and attacks. But make sure you consult with your doctor before consuming henna seeds, water. 

Henna even helps in clearing skin diseases, acne, conditions the hair, prevents hair graying. The safest option would be to apply it topically on your body, but if you are planning to drink or eat the henna seeds do consult your doctor. 

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