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7 Cute Wedding Trends From West You Must Add In Your Wedding


Since, time immemorial India is known for its big fat weddings, we have our own trends and rituals that are famous around the world. We love our cultures and value for the relationships. Recently we have seen many couples adopting cute traditions from west to add more personalization to our weddings. Let’s accept it, the weddings in India are also known for the lavishness, another way to show off and in midst of all this, love takes the backseat. So, if you are planning your wedding anytime soon, then here are some of the cutest wedding trends from West which we need to borrow (to add the personal touch obviously).

Father-Daughter Dance
Remember the time when you forced your dad to show his moves in your birthday party. Fun it was, so why not do it again, only this time you dance along with him. This is sweetest trend from the west to adopt. We are sure your dad will love this gesture from his little princess.

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Wedding Vows
Well, in India we have our very own Saat Vachan which is recited by Panditji at the time of pheras but why not have your own little wedding vows that you keep together. No matter how silly it sounds but many real couples are opting for wedding vows on their marriage. Isn’t it CUTE. We loved this trend from the west.

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The Bachelor Party
There was a time when we only knew about bachelor party for the man. However, now-a-days girls are also celebrating the last day of the singlehood, in the form of bachelorette party. YAY! So, time for some celebration, because you entering a new life filled with happiness.

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Speech from Family
Weddings in India are always this very big affair, that family takes a backseat. You can only see them in the pictures, which means no real interaction because everyone is so busy. So, another trend from west is speech from the family written straight out of heart. Yeah, you can another chance to embarrass your brother for stealing the chocolates, but all and all it’s a way to show how much you love each other.

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Reception Cake
Want to make your reception grand, and then go for the prettiest and yummiest cake of all. This trend from the west has been in India quite long. And we must say it’s a nice idea.

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Matching Bridesmaid Outfit
Recently, India finally opened up to the Bridesmaid trend, and to top it the matching outfit trend. It looks so pretty to see everyone matched top to bottom.

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Pretty Flower Girls
Give some limelight to your cutest nieces and nephews please. Ask the little girl to hold the placard before you enter. It has become the cutest trend in India. :D               

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