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8 Great Ways To Use Salt In Your Beauty Care!


Till now you have used salt in your meals, now try it on your skin and hair you will be shocked with the results. It might seem absurd to use salt on your face and especially hair, but it has minerals that will prevent dandruff, absorb excessive oil and even whiten your teeth. We know it is surprising, but salt protects your skin and hair and even calms your body which is why you see the market flooded with plenty of salt baths. Avoid salt on your wounds, eyes, cuts as it might irritate your skin. We have listed beauty uses of salt, read them and try them for the weekend, we bet you will feel rejuvenated. 

1. Scalp cleanser:
Salt has detoxifying properties that will wash away grime, pollutants on your scalp thus preventing greasy and limp hair. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of salt (depends on your hair length) on your hair and massage your scalp. Wash it after 15 minutes and notice clean and healthy hair.

2. Clears dandruff:
Salt will absorb the excessive oil from your scalp and expel the bacteria which will protect your hair from dandruff. 

3. Beachy waves:
Forget the curling tools for a perfect beachy waves, fill a spray bottle with salt water and spray the mixture on your hair, you will get the ideal beachy waves, also salt water will absorb excess sweat which you can use for pre-workout. 

4. Gentle face scrub:
Slough off the dead skin cells with salt, it has minerals that will strip away the dull look and make your skin baby soft and smooth. Salt will open up the pores, throw out the dirt and make your skin clear. If you have sensitive skin, then you can definitely use salt on your face. 

5. Controls sebum production:
Oily skin ladies, every morning, spray your face with salt water and you would get an oil free skin. Salt soaks up excessive sebum and its anti-inflammatory properties will ward off the bacteria preventing breakouts and acne. You can even use salt water as a facial toner.

6. Pearly white teeth:
Mix a small amount of salt and baking soda and brush your teeth with this mixture. Salt will work on removing stains and give you pearly white teeth. Also, if you suffer from a tooth or gum pain, then mix salt and mustard oil, it will subside the pain and protect your teeth from decays. 

7. Mouthwash:
Have you run out of mouthwash? Then swish your mouth with salt water, it will kill bacteria and prevent bad breath and keep your mouth clean

8. Salt bath:
Want an overall younger, plumper skin? Then use the salt bath, it will hydrate your skin and prevent loss of nutrients during the bath. Fill your tub with water and add 1/3 cup salt and get a plump and soft skin. 

Salt does not only improve your taste buds, but even your skin and hair. Share in the comments if you have used salt as a beauty arsenal. 

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