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Best Tips To Plan Your 'Babymoon' + 5 Places To Visit In India


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Have you guys heard of the term Babymoon??? Shweta Salve, the famous Tv actress went for it and in-fact Babymoon is one of the hottest trends among new parents to be.

I am a whole because of you, you complete me. #repost @hermitsethi. In every mans life comes a time like this (well atleast all men :) when his life is about to transform to fatherhood. It's amazing how from boys we become men and then move to this phase in life. Times like these are full of fun , joy , confusion and excitement but hey this is life and it should be a rollercoster ride right?! To my lovely wife and my partner in crime, always smiling and full of happiness, thank you for being the way you are and making me in what I'm today. I hope we can pass on a few of our amazing and also stupid qualities to this new one growing inside you... Looking forward to this amazing new journey we are taking together. #instapic #bumpstyle #instalove #crazycouple #mommytobe #daddytobe #stylishbump #babybump #preggers #bikinimom #love #happiness #smiles
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A babymoon is a newly coined term for a period of time both parents take to relax and spend quality time together before the baby is born. It is one of the biggest travel trends on the charts right now and can provide a solid foundation for the changes that are about to happen in both your lives. Planned to allow you to catch up on your rest, relax in your favourite environment, and give you time to reconnect and renew the romance, a babymoon can be anywhere from a tropical beach to a romantic country inn. Consider a babymoon the perfect getaway for you both.

Once you get know that you are pregnant test you both know your lives are going to change forever. You may wonder if your relationship will be the same or if you will be able to handle all the new responsibilities. You may even feel like you need time to escape and get your mind cleared. And babymoon is the answer!

At #Teamguiltybytes we bring to you some amazing Indian getaways for that perfect and much needed Babymoon!

#1 The Oberois, Udayvilas
The hotel location is breathtakingly amazing. It's worth the trip to Udaipur. Must experience : The Infinity Pools

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#2 Suryagarh, Rajathan
If you crave starry night sky and luxury of the sand lit Palace. Its a beautiful property and has spectacular rooms. This destination is just what you two need. 

#3 Kerala Backwaters
If greenery and beautiful blue water is what's on your mind then there's nothing better than Kerala and its backwaters. From boat rides to special spas, go pamper yourself.

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#4 Taj Bengal , Calcutta
This hotel boasts of architecture and interiors which are deeply inspired by the city’s famed art, culture and heritage. Explore Kolkata from its very heart at Taj Bengal in Alipore. Modern, with old-world charm and lush greenery, the hotel reflects the essence of the City of Joy. Must see:  their award winning coffee shop.


#5 Four Seasons, Baramati
Enjoy the aromas of vineyards and the hospitality of Fourseason as you set to explore the nature at it's best, Surrounded by majestic vineyards you can indulge in some deer spotting and field hiking.

#6 Oberoi Hotel, Agra
Pamper your lady with a dinner date like no other! Rekindle the spark with this memorable candle-lit dinner overlooking the gorgeous TajMahal. Who can say no to such a majestic and romantic view.

But before you decide on a place here are a few TIPS:

#1 Agree on the Locale
Make sure the destination appeals to you both so you can relax and enjoy your time together.

#2 Check Restrictions
Check restrictions like any virus outbreak or weather conditions. Also check airline policies before e making reservations.

#3 Minimize Travel Time
Enduring a layover or a 10 hour car ride is no way to start a relaxing trip. Make sure you choose a location that won’t require too much effort.

#4  Check Out Medical Facilities
When researching locations, find out if they have access to quality medical facilities near the area (just in case). Write down the contact info for nearby hospitals to keep on hand as you travel.

#5 Keep Your Blood Pumping
No matter how you're travelling, try to get up and move around every hour or two to aid circulation, and try not to cross your legs - you'll lessen the risk of blood clots.

#6 Travel only in 2nd Trimester ( Between 18-24 weeks)
The second trimester should be the most comfortable time to travel. By now, the nausea of the first trimester is hopefully a distant memory and you aren't quite as uncomfortable as you will be in a few weeks.

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