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FACES Canada Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayons, Pro Illuminating Powder: Swatches & Price In India


I have been a big fan of Faces Canada for the uber premium quality of products they offer and yet they come at a great pricing! Being a lipstick hoarder nothing gives me more happiness than finding about new launches and that too from FACES Cosmetics. They have now launched the luxurious Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayons that have the perfect cream base giving a final colour finish like no other!

The FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayons come in an assortment of 10 stylish shades in a convenient retractable chubby. The lip crayons have a velvety texture with a super soft crème finish. It glides very softly on the lips and is highly pigmented leaving a great colour on the lips. The Ultime lip crayons are super creamy and moisturizers lips all through. I recommend it for they don’t bleed and give intense colour. I have swatched some of my favourite lipsticks that I think you must buy…





Love how moisturizing these lipsticks are and yet they give a rich colour. The staying time is around 3-4 hours and a double application of  these lip crayons ensure that you get the most pigmented shade on your lips. Here are the ten shades to choose from-

FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Red Velvet
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Sunset Kiss
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Envy
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Invincible
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Mochalicious
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Sun Dew
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Fantasy
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Cherry Pop
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Berry Punch
FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayon- Confession

Priced at INR 749, I think that these lipsticks are a total value for money! For more information log on to:

Along with the Ultime lip crayons, Faces Canada has also launched Ultime Pro Illuminating powder. This is an instant ‘make me glamorous’ powder or rather highlighter that leaves the skin with dazzling shine that’s also long lasting. 

The Faces Ultime Prod Illuminating Powder can be applied on cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bones or any area on the face that ou intend to highlight. I love hot it instantly adds a glow to my face. It can become your next ‘it’ contouring product.

Priced at INR 650, this is a must buy!


Two of the lucky readers now stand a chance to win these new launches each. 
1. Follow me on Instagram here.
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And share how make up helps you feel beautiful by dropping a comment (do share your usernames)☺

One of you will win FACES Ultime Pro Crème Lip Crayons and one of you will win the Ultime Pro Illuminating Powder. Good luck!

*the contest will get over on 30th August

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  1. Make up makes feel bful by highlighting my best features i fell in ��wd make up d very frst moment i applied lippies and saw pretty eyeshadow palettes
    make up makes me confident &i jus ��it

    following u on twittr(@saxenasonali77) n instagram (@sonalisaxena77)

  2. Hello Devina, as i'm a male fashion blogger, this post help me out a lot as i'm looking for a premium quality make up kit for my girl as we are getting hitched soon, she never used to do make up regular.
    as i'm following you since a long back.

    following you on Instagram as a @mahikhokhar ( and twitter as a @mahikhokhar ( and more on youtube, facebook and G+ too

  3. Hii Devina �� I think every girl is beautiful in her own way! Sometimes we have certain flaws like dark circles, a pimple, etc so I think using correct makeup for this helps me feel more beautiful and boosts my confidence :) Hoping To Win #FingersCrossed

    1. Following you on Instagram and Twitter both! :) My Handle: @thevegmagic

  4. Hello Devina,
    Hope you are doing well :)
    So first things first all the shades are so gorgeous. Will definitely try out at least one shade from the range.
    So talking about your question I would say people told me inner beauty is more important than outter beauty. But what they don't realise is outter beauty is equally important too. And there's no definition of "beautiful" everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way! So when I apply makeup I become a better version of myself. Makeup is something that makes me feel confident and give in my best in whatever I do. When I wear makeup I wear my confidence. And being confident makes us achieve our goals and be successful in whatever we do. Being a college student I feel even the basic makeup like a stroke of kajal and a great lipstick can totally complete my look. And great makeup can make or break your entire look. So yes makeup is quite an essential thing for every girl and women across the globe. :)
    Following you since long everywhere.
    Twitter- chocolatygirl25
    Insta- Mahek_ranbirsgirl
    Facebook and YouTube- Mahek Bansal

  5. Following you on Instagram and Twitter both! My handle: @thevegmagic

  6. ~Beauty isn't about perfect or flawless skin, but embracing your imperfections !
    Makeup makes me feel beautiful because it helps me embrace my imperfections! I don't have the ideal fair skin which Indian society would kill for, or bold pink lips that are every female's envy! But, when I use the perfect foundation which matches my skin tone, it makes my face glow! I feel like applying further illuminator to highlight the precious features I've inherited from my mother. Everyday, I colour my lips with a different hue. Pink, nude, mauve, with the pretty pigmentation and texture, I feel like I have the cutest lips. Makeup enhances not only my physical appearance but boosts my confidence too. It is rightly said that you make your first impression by how you look, and first impressions are often the last impression!
    With perfect cheeks and pretty lips, my mood automatically gets better manifold and that's like half battle won. I'm ready to take over the world!

  7. I wasn't a makeup person until about 4 years ago. I didn't even own a decent kajal. During these 4 years, I have grown to love makeup. It started when I followed beauty bloggers (including yourself :)) on Instagram. The honest reviews were beneficial and took away my sense of doubt before purchasing expensive products. I tried a few but didn't know the right way to use them. Then came Youtube and video tutorials, some makeup workshops along the way. Today, I own a decent makeup bag with products I like and use. I'm not perfect but I know enough to realise that makeup can help subtly enhance your favourite feature, add a sparkle to your eyes, some rosiness to your cheeks. I also know that less is more and slathering on too much does more harm than good. I love the way makeup helps change up my look and keeps me from looking the same during different occasions (parties, office, weddings etc)
    P.S. Instagram handle @akanksha180290, i'm not on twitter :(

  8. MakeUp means not only covering up the flaws but also one of the building blocks of the confidence level.

    Makeup helped me in How I want to represent myself. It strengthen my inner confidence that I am totally in one direction my body language, my looks and my knowledge. It helped me to stand out of the crowd. Correcting and beautifying is MakeUp's one side but on other side how it enhance the inner quality can only be felt by the woman who carried the makeup. Makeup make me beautiful by making my personalised personality and helped me how i want to look in front of others.

    Makeup is the playing with colouring to stand out of the set and give a new look everytime.

    Followed you on
    Instagram @kickupstairs
    Twitter @kickupstairs_

  9. I think makeup is a very powerful tool which can totally transform the way a person's looks.Something like a manual application of the Beautyplus features to one;s face. Even if you are not born with the most dramatic of eyes or the longest hair or even a crooked nose, makeup can really help in fixing all of this and much more. Highlighting your best features is the best thing makeup can do. After having tried a whole lot of things with makeup , I really prefer sticking to the basics. A kajal and a nice bright lipper are enough to make me look pretty and beautiful . But say if I am getting ready for a date or a wedding then yes makeup thus help me look much more attractive and definitely increases my confidence levels :)

  10. Makeup is like magic which makes me look n feel fab from drab. It lifts up my mood n makes me ready to face the world. Makeup makes me feel imperfectly perfect. Hides my flaws n fools my boyfriend too. :)
    When i feel beautiful n perfect outside... i feel happy n confident inside. Hence i can say Makeup is my best friend.

    Twitter id- tweetershweta
    Instagram id- instaaddict.shweta

  11. Twitter - @aishkrish82
    Insta - @aishwaryakrishnammachary

    Throughout my life I have been suffering from low self-esteem because of my severe acne. It has left my face with pitted scars. I consulted many dermatologists and took pills that controlled the problem a bit but the harsh creams have left my face without any glow. Even today I get a host of pimples ranging from medicine allergy to during ’ that time of the month’. At any time of the day my face is like an oil refinery.
    I'm scared of Laser & other medical procedures.
    So , here's where I came across make-up to help me feel confident.
    I use foundation creams daily that match my skin tone to even out my face. I then hi-light my eyes using kohl & use a tinted lip balm to make my lips stand out yet nourish them.

    For special occasion I even use pan-cake make-up to cover my scars.

    I feel that products from an international beauty brand like Faces would make me look appealing to me and would make me feel confident.

    Even though I did not live confidently as a teen I can feel good about myself as an adult thanks to make-up.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I'm a fan of the no makeup look- foundation, concealer, mascara and pink lipstick. I always go for a bit of contouring, it makes my blunt nose look sharper, which makes me feel good. I believe one shouldn't care if people call us 'fake' or 'not natural', it's us who needs to feel comfortable with or without makeup. Doing makeup can be fun, and it also has the power to make me feel incredibly fierce!
    Twitter- AvneetK77
    Instagram- avneeetkaur

  14. I'm a fan of the no makeup look- foundation, concealer, mascara and pink lipstick. I always go for a bit of contouring, it makes my blunt nose look sharper, which makes me feel good. I believe one shouldn't care if people call us 'fake' or 'not natural', it's us who needs to feel comfortable with or without makeup. Doing makeup can be fun, and it also has the power to make me feel incredibly fierce!
    Twitter- AvneetK77
    Instagram- avneeetkaur

  15. Hello Devina,
    I've already participated, do notice my entry :) I've followed all the rules and really wish to win the Faces Ultime Creme Lip Crayons <3 #GuiltyBytes