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Expert Interview: Tips For Your Wedding Makeup By Cherag Bambboat


Cherag Bambboat is one of the famous celebrity makeup artists who has worked in the film industry for past 12 years.Apart from trying his hands over professional make-up and styling he also runs his own academy teaching the updated techniques and tricks to play with new colors and techniques. , shares his views on makeup for our lovely brides-to-be. Read on further what are the latest makeup trends ruling in 2016.

What are latest trends in wedding makeup and hair styling which our brides should know about?

Less is more, please demand a natural finished look no masking skin with heavy duty foundations. Use Chanel Dior Nars Bobbi brown Armani as key base products. Go for a sleek updo’s with a nice pileup in different texture.

Q.2 Can you give a brief timeline for a bride’s skin and hair regime- what should she start out with a year before the wedding and in the  days and weeks leading up to the Big Day?

Please don’t come last minute for bridal makeup thinking that makeup is magic. Yes, it is but till an extent if there are lines it will be there, if there are pits formed they will be there and if there is bumpy acne it will be there. Hence the key is makeup can color correct a lot but it can’t fill in height or depth on skin.

So we advise you to regular clean ups, apply night creams they are all great for your skin.  Don’t experiment with new products before wedding, use what works because no one wants a sudden breakout. Keep the skin breathable at night. If there is dry scalp issue go for hair spas that provides necessary proteins.

Q.3 what’s your take on the much in demand 'Air-Brush Make-up' for brides?

I have introduced this into my brides with Kryolan Airbrush makeup system almost 7 years ago. It’s great for evening and night functions but it’s not good for dry skin. Also, the best things is to give it try for 6 hours.

Q.4 Must have skin care essentials in a bride’s trousseau?

Hydra mist, Skin Repair Serum, Skin Brightening Serum, Lip Repair, Toner and Gel Based Moisturizer.

Q.5 Any tips for brides to look modern yet traditional at the same time, particularly from the parents and in-laws point of view? How can she achieve that look?

It’s very important to understand the personality and professional background if your bride. See whether the bride is more accurate for the cute little girl look or the fashionista look. I believe that you need to balance the whole look, play with colours and remember to keep it aesthetically appealing.

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