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Here's Why You Should Buy Diamond, Gold Jewellery Online & Key Shopping Tips!


It's no secret that e-commerce is the wave of the future. The Internet has drastically changed the nature of businesses in the 21st century. No longer is a business limited to its physical location and confined to the usual retail opening hours. Instead, the Internet has enabled businesses to have a global presence in every home. Through a simple click of the mouse, millions of shoppers are saving a fortune by purchasing what they need online .With online shopping, consumers can benefit from the ability to compare products, pricing and other features instantaneously. The question is, is it better to buy a gold or a diamond jewellery online, or stick to the traditional method of in-store shopping?

When it comes to shopping for a jewellery like an engagement ring, budget is the primary factor in deciding what you could realistically get. If you don’t have the budget for it, you can’t buy it. Everything else follows after price. Yes, everyone wants to purchase something with a lower price, but the factor of quality would always creep in. 

How Product looks on wearing 

So why do prices vary between online and offline stores?
  • Online websites have significantly lower prices and better return policies. In fact, they usually cost about 40%-50% less than what you would expect to pay in brick and mortar stores. This makes sense because they do not have to shell out money for rent, staff salaries and interior decorations which are actually factored into prices of physical jewellery stores. 
size comparison with a sim card

Advantages of buying Online
  • You don't have to deal with self-interested salespeople.
  • No traffic, no waiting in line and no bouncing from store to store.
  • You can see how the product looks on face.
  • There are options of customising the product like 18 carat or 14 carat especially in cases of diamond jewellery.
  • You can compare the size of product with things like a Sim card, SD card or a USB.
  • There are options of Try at Home for certain jewellery pieces.
  •  If dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return your jewellery for a full cash-back refund.
  • You can opt for Cash on delivery in most cases.
  •  Make sure any site you consider purchasing an engagement ring from offers such a guarantee.

size comparison with a micro Sd card
size comparison with USB drive
How to Shop for an Jewellery to Your Advantage

In my opinion, physical jewellery stores still have their place in today’s world of online shopping. There will always be people who are sceptical about making purchases over the Internet and would not mind paying an excessive mark up for a piece of jewellery in a physical store.

Here’s my take. A good strategy is to head to a brick and mortar store first and look at varieties of jewellery that are available. Check out how in cases of diamonds what are the different shapes, cuts, colors, clarity, and carat sizes look like in real life. Once you get a rough idea of the physical picture, go make your purchase online and enjoy significantly lower prices.

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