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I Got My Hair Colored After 8 Years, And This Is What Happened!


We were invited by L'Oréal Professionnel India for an experiential of the latest trend on hair fashion a.k.a the Mocha Hair contouring at the Geetanjali salon, CP. The Mocha hair contouring is inspired by the make-up trend of the moment, CONTOURING! Hair contouring is a custom-made colour application technique that has revolutionised the use of hair colour. This innovative technique uses the careful placement of colours around the face , the colours are selected based on your skin tone and positioned based on your face shape and feature.

The experts at L’Oréal  have customised shades of brown from their INOA Mocha collection to accentuate parts of your face, resulting in a natural, contoured face without worrying about any blending. The colour application unlike others isn't on your face, its subtle and artistic.

I have never been the experimental kinds when it comes to my hair! I remember the last time i got colour or streaks done was back when i was in college; almost  8 years ago! So, no wonder I was a little sceptical about the procedure and how it would turn out to be! I was fortunate enough to be looked after by the man himself - Mr Sumit Israni, who is not only the creative director and owner of Geetanjali salons in India but also the brain child behind My Mocha colour collection by INOA. He has created some amazing looks with Mocha and promised to transform my look for the better.

The first thing that they did was a hair consultation in which Sumit checked the texture of my hair, enquired about any previous colouring or chemical treatment(which in my case were none!). All this while Sumit assured me that he didn't plan to change my look drastically, which was a relief, given my hesitation! He then showed me the Mocha shade card which had a variety of beautiful Mocha hair swatches. After some suggestion and keeping my own instinct in mind we decided to go for a Dark Mocha shade for the base(Global).

The process started with Sumit applying the Dark Mocha shade first on my roots and later in the rest of my hair. I had to then patiently wait for about 30-35 minutes till the colour had set in my hair. Then I had a nice hair wash followed by conditioning. My hair was then blow dried and by now i could see the beautiful Mocha colour all through my hair. I have to admit I loved how my hair looked in Mocha shade and it was a welcome change from my historic black natural look. But the best was yet to come!

Sumit decided to use the Caramel shade for the hair contouring, the process looked super artistic in nature. It was like free hand painting as compared to the stark same length streaks that are usually done at salons. The streaks were more on the inside than being right on your face. Once the application was done, I had to again wait for 30-35 minutes after which Sumit assigned his staff member to use a blow dry to dry out the contouring for about 15-20 minutes. After it was over, I was again taken for a head wash, which was followed by colour correction and conditioning. Back on my seat , with my hair being blow dried I could finally see the effect of the Caramel contouring on my Dark Mocha hair. I must admit , I never felt more prettier! I just loved the combination of Mocha and caramel and was surprised how much the colour contouring technique actually suited my face.

I had a wonderful experience with the Mocha Mania and I haven't stopped receiving compliments ever since i am back . There can be no better assurance that the technique of Colour contouring works for everyone and actually helps in enhancing your looks and features. If anyone of you have tried the technique then do share your pictures and for those who have refrained from colouring their hair, take it from me(who was one of you) that this Mocha Colour contouring is a must try as its high on fashion, ammonia free and tailor made for Indian skin tones! Mocha hair contouring is here to stay!!!

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  1. Hi Divya can u pls share the shade numbers he applied.

  2. I like this color, It's natural.Thanks for sharing.