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IN REVIEW: YBP Cosmetics Makeup Perfector LUST, Price In India


I love how little sponges have changed the art of applying a perfect foundation in no time! While I still am a brush person, liquids get settled better if you use a makeup blender or a toll that is made up of a sponge material. Payal from Your Beauty Pal recently launched a makeup perfector that claims to change the way we put our makeup on! I was happy to receive the Makeup Perfector LUST and here are my quick thoughts I feel about the product...

It's flawless application makes the amkeup last longer and gives a very good coverage when it comes to foundation and concelaers (both liquids). As for the powders, I was rather surprised to see that the powders could be applied with utmost precision (contoruing and highlighting). 

The Sponge doubles in size when Wet. Your Makeup products sit on top and don't get all absorbed inside. The Sponge is made of High-Quality LATEX-FREE Material, it's Hypoallergenic, Great for Sensitive Skin.

As for the packaging, this makeup perfector comes with a unique container that is perforated and these holes help the wet sponge dry up easily. The cap can be used as a mixing plate for foundations and that's exactly what I do when I use it. The makeup perfector LUST is extreme bouncy and has such a versatile shape that reaching the areas under the eyes or cheekbones is swift as heck! 

Priced at INR 999, you can purchase this cute makeup perfector on 

Also, I did an everyday makeup look using just the YBP makeup perfector LUST and here's my video tutorial...


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