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Know All About Indian Bridal Jewellery And How To Care For It!


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Dear Brides-to-be
Do you get jitters while you go on bridal jewellery shopping; does the polki, kundan or jadau jewellery name scares you? If yes, fret not, as Wedstreetstyle team had prepared a complete jewellery guide for you to know your cuts and style. And also, we have listed out the care tips to remember (because they need some special care).

Know the basics
Before you start your shopping for the wedding jewellery, you need to know what all the jewellery is all about. What style will suit you best and whether it has a resale value or not. Read on!

#Kundan Jewellery
Kundan jewellery has always been popular among the brides. This is a traditional Rajasthani jewellery form, famous among royalties and elite people. It is made up of glass stones set in gold. Most of the time Kundan sets gives the same look as polki, the only difference is that they have less shine. Also, the price of kundan jewellery is less as compared to polki.
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#Polki Jewellery
Polki jewellery was introduced in India by the Mughals. It is made up of unfinished natural diamonds. Hence, it gets difficult to distinguish between polki and kundan jewellery. Polki’s are uncut diamond that’s mined from earth, and because of which it shines a lot. Since, it’s natural it has a great price value.
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Jadau is a term often misinterpreted by many of us. People think it’s a form of jewellery. But nope, wrong. It’s a technique used to set polki and kundan stones and make jewellery out of it. In this gold foil is used to set polka and kundan stones and meenakari at the back.
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#Diamond Jewellery
We can’t get wrong with diamond jewellery. They are said to be girl’s best friend. The size of diamond is equal to the smile of the bride. Hence, they are the most expensive piece of jewellery. Also, the resale value of diamond jewellery gets decreased.
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#Gold Jewellery
Gold jewelleries are precious and pure. They need no introduction. The gold jewelleries are preferred the most by brides and their parents, after all it has a high resale value, and it’s the right investment for the future.
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#Pachchikam Jewellery
It is jewellery originated from Gujarat and Kutch centuries ago. Unlike, kundan and polka jewellery they are made of silver as the base. The process of making a pachchikam jewellery is complicated, precious stones and glass stones are inserted in silver cases to make it stand out. This is one of the highly appreciated forms of jewellery loved by many.
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Tips To Take Care

For Diamond jewellery
You need to be extra careful while keeping the diamond jewellery in case, as the diamonds can get scratched by the other diamonds easily. Avoid putting them into a bag. If you want to keep your diamond shine as it is, take a cup of warm water, and mix the detergent powder in it. Put your diamond rings or set into it and let them stay there for few hours. Take them out and wipe gently with soft cloth. You will see your diamonds shiner as ever! Also, remember not to apply any makeup or cologne after wearing diamonds.

For Polki & Kundan
Polki and Kundan jewellery easily loose the shine, because they are prone to moisture. Keeping them in the jewellery box will not save them from the moisture and your jewellery will get dark. So, to avoid moisture, wrap your sets and rings in butter paper or cotton and put them in air tight container. This is the best way to keep them shiner.

For Gold Sets
Gold sets are easy to care for, and maintain its shine. One of the best ways to clean your gold jewellery is by putting them in water for a couple of minutes. Now take a little toothpaste onto the cotton ball and gently apply it on your jewellery. Then wash them with water. Remember not to use toothbrush as it will scratch the jewellery. Also, keep them in soft cloth or velvet box that comes with it.
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