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OMG: Alia Bhatt & Sidharth Malhotra Captured Getting Cozy At A Party


The party hosted by Jitesh Pillai, the editor of Filmfare was a star-studded event, and while most people were swooning over Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh dancing together or Ranveer's cheesy comment on Ranbir that included Deepika Padukone  but there was something much much more intresting that missed everyone's eye , but now has caught the internet's attention and How! Hint: It includes Alia and Sidharth!


Let's First check out Alia and Sidharth's entry into the party.

In a seemingly ordinary photo of Anushka Sharma with the host Jitesh, there’s something even more interesting happening in the background that you just can't miss...check it out!

Yes!! That's Alia and Sidharth cosying up to each other!!!! We love how the lovebirds are getting so close and the best part about it all is that it has been captured for the world to see!!!

Lets see  what Alia and Sidharth have to say about this evidence!

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