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Is All Not Well Between Sharukh Khan And Aamir Khan?


Sharukh Khan and Aamir Khan have known to have a cordial relationship despite their share of controversies. Are the two just pretending to be friends for the heck of it. Well that's what a leading bollywood daily claims.

As per the findings of a bollywood portal, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are NOT following each other on Twitter. Yes! That’s right! While Shah Rukh is following about 81 people on Twitter including Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar. There is surprisingly no mention of Aamir on his follow list. Same applies even for Aamir who as always is super selective on who to follow just like his films that he has completely ticked off Shah Rukh from his list. 

In fact, now this also explains why we’ve never really seen both SRK or Aamir retweet or promote each other's films on social media platforms . As it’s always either Shah Rukh and Salman’s bromance on Twitter or Aamir and Salman’s. But we have never seen SRK or Aamir tweet to each other!

Is it a cold war brewing between the two Khans?

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