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#BrideGuide: 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Gold Jewellery!


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The most difficult task while going on wedding shopping is to select the right jewellery for the right occasion. We all know gold jewellery is always right to buy, as they are authentic and always a thoughtful gift. But there are some jewellers and big shops that trap us, so here are 5 tips to look after, if you are buying gold jewellery.

#1 Not every design suits everyone

One of the biggest myths that surround us all is that all jewellery cut suits everyone. So, look at those cuts and styles that look good on you and compliment your face. There are lot of styles to choose from, so opt for something that accentuate your overall look and something that you can wear again.

#2 Buy it from the right place

Most of us really think that all retailers and sellers are same but this is not the case. Always buy gold jewellery from the right and trusted place. Find a retailer that you can trust on. Go, for big retailers as they have new variety and a good range of pieces.

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#3 Know your jewellery

The biggest mistake we all do is purchasing gold jewellery without knowing the carats and the purity. Many local retailers don’t tell the right details, so the best is to do your research. Also, know how to estimate the value of what you are purchasing.

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#4 Gold jewellery doesn’t have to be in gold

Another mistake we all do is thinking that gold jewellery has to be gold in colour. Well, that’s not true; you can find gold jewellery in white, green, brown and blue. Yes, blue too. There are lot of variations of gold that comes in, so you have wide variety to choose from.

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#5 Avoid Scrap Jewellery

If you are buying a gold jewellery for the investment purpose, remember to avoid purchasing a scrap gold. The scrap gold is the gold left from making the gold jewellery; it’s a residual of gold jewellery. Hence, it has less value than gold jewellery. 

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