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Top Tips To Care For Your Precious Gold Jewelry!


Gold jewellery is precious and pure and in our country they are considered to be really sought after metal for all occasions. With festive-shaadi season on a rise, the gold jewellery is preferred most by brides and their parents, after all it has a high resale value, and it’s the right investment for the future. But it's very important to take care of your gold jewellery the right way. Today, team #WedStreetStyle will tell you how can you clean and maintain your precious jewelries at home.

DIY Process On How To Clean:

In a large bowl mix 2 parts dish soap and 10 parts warm water. After soaking it for 3 hours, gently scrub it with a soft, clean toothbrush. Rinse in hot water. Dry your jewellery with a microfiber cloth, then polish it with a jewelry cloth. Always remember to not over clean the gold.

How To Maintain:

Ideally you should take gold pieces to a jeweler annually. Get them steamed until they're super shiny. 

How To Store:

Gold Jewellery is something which you can wear everyday. To prevent from scratches and tangles, separate the pieces on velvet lined trays, or in small zippered bags. 

Follow these tips and let us know in the comments below! 

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