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This Korean JAMSU Makeup Trend Will Give You A Perfect Matte Finish


Korean beauty products are a buzz of the town, and their products are definitely worth the craze. Most of their skincare products claim in making the skin flawless and perfectly work in clearing all your skin woes. But we won't be raving about any of their product, but we are going to share a Korean hack which might sound absurd but the result is totally worth it. If you love your makeup with a matte finish, then we totally recommend you to try this hack. Also, this hack will make your makeup last longer which is all that you need for this monsoon. This hack is called jamsu makeup which means ‘diving’ makeup. We know it sounds totally weird, but read more to know more...

Firstly cleanse, moisturize your face and prep it with a good quality primer, foundation, and concealer (same makeup routine).

Instead of your branded loose powder take a good amount of Johnson’s baby powder (key ingredient) and apply it all over your face. Let it soak into your face and then fill your basin sink with water and then dive in your face for 30 seconds.

For dry skin ladies 15 seconds would be sufficient, and then pat your face dry and complete the rest of your makeup. Be assured that your face will look younger and even after hours your makeup wouldn't budge at all. If someone asks you the reason behind flawless makeup, then tell them it's the magic of baby powder.

We know this sounds slightly weird, but try this once and notice how amazing your makeup looks that day. Do let us know your views about this Korean makeup hack in the comments below.


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