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The Photos Of This TV Actor And His Wife In Italy Are So Romantic!


Bollywood and TV star Ruslaan Mumtaz tied the knot with his girlfriend Nirali Mehta in 2014. After dating each other they decided to get married. Ruslaan shared the moment when he realized that he is in love. He said,"We were seeing each other but it was at the initial stage. She was never the kind of girl who asks, ‘Do you love me?’ or ‘When will we get married?’ She never asked for commitment and I never happened to think about it. In fact, at that point in time, I used to think that I’d never get married and stay bachelor like Salman Khan forever. Plus, Nirali and I were more like friends. Then one fine day, she came up to me and informed that her parents wanted her to meet a guy for arranged marriage. And I was like, ‘Shit! I can’t let her go!’ That’s when I realized that she was the one and I told her that I loved her." 

They both love travelling. He recalled one incident and said,"During one of our trips, Nirali fell very ill. And it was very painful for me to see her like that. But when I woke up the next morning, she had freshened up and was ready to start the day. I was absolutely awed by her at that moment. She made sure that we didn’t alter our itinerary even a bit and continued our trip exactly how we had planned it. Seeing the world with me and making new memories in my company mattered much more to her than her health. That was my moment of love. I feel there is nothing more precious and eternal than Platinum to express my love for her."
They are holidaying in Italy and the photos are so romantic!

A photo posted by Nirali M (@niralirm) on

A photo posted by Ruslaan Mumtaz (@ruslaanmumtaz) on

A photo posted by Ruslaan Mumtaz (@ruslaanmumtaz) on

B'ful pictures! 

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