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WHOA! 5 Lesser Known Ways To Use Multani Mitti


If there is one homemade face pack that every girl in her teens would have indulged in then it is the fuller’s earth or Multani mitti face pack. For eons, Multani mitti has been used to treat the flaws of the skin and it is mostly recommended for acne prone skin. We know a post again on different Fuller's earth face pack wouldn't be a new thing and that is why we brought a post that talks about the different ways you can use fuller’s earth in your beauty care. You would be amazed about the effective results that Multani mitti shows on your body and hair. Read further to know more about the fabulous Multani mitti.

1. As hair shampoo:
It would be surprising, but you can use fuller’s earth as a natural shampoo. It has excellent cleansing properties that will wash away the dirt, pollutants from your hair and keep it super clean. Along with this it will even prevent greasy hair, and condition your hair perfectly. The best part about Multani mitti is that unlike shampoos, it won't strip off your natural oils.

2. For glowing body:
Multani mitti is known for bringing a glow to your face, and that is why we suggest you to try smearing Multani mitti and milk on your body. As Multani mitti enhances the blood circulation, which indirectly helps in making your skin smooth and dewy. Apply fuller’s earth every week on your body and stay beautiful. 

3. As antiseptic:
Apply fuller’s earth on your wounds, cut, burns and it will speed up the healing process. Multani mitti have good antiseptic properties that will recover your body from infections, wounds, and burns. You can even use Multani mitti on your sunburnt skin, it will provide a relief from the pain. 

4. For muscle cramps:
Cramps due to workout, menstruation or dehydration can be cured with the help of Multani mitti. Mix it with lukewarm water and apply it on the affected area, it will soothe your pain in no time. 

5. As a skin tighter:
Along with acne free and glowing skin, Multani mitti even works as a skin firmer. It tightens the skin and prevents sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Apply this mask twice a week and welcome plump and healthy skin. 

Have you used Fuller's earth in any another way? Then we would love to hear about it in the comments below. 

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