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5 Arranged Marriage Problems & How To Deal With Them!


So, you have tied the knot in an arranged setup and things were going fine till your honeymoon. But once its over and you have to start your regular life, the reality comes knocking  the door. You have to deal with  lot of things after marriage changed surname, different house and totally different people to settle in with. So, here are 5 arranged marriage problems and #Wedstreetstyle team solutions.

#1 The late night work Schedule

This is a big problem and must be dealt with patience. We know that you must have cleared thing between your husband that how important you career is. But his family is not able to digest the fact. We know your in-laws might even raise this issue of you working right after the marriage is over, as they all say arrange marriages need a strong base to get successful. And all this little issues create further problems.

Wedstreetstyle Solution: Talk it out, anything can be solved if you take the effort to clear things, ask your mom-in-law what's the problem of you working late is? Try and convey her your dreams and aspirations. You can even ask your husband to become the mediator and convey your in-laws how important you career is. 

#2 The never ending family functions

Once you tie the knot, the family functions never stop, Everyone wants to meet the 'nayi bahu' and you have to attend countless dinners with the people whose name you constantly forgets. All this pressure of getting ready and meeting people post marriage can be really be tiring. 

Wedstreetstyle Solution: First you need to calm yourself, and then take your husband aside and ask him to stop right away. Yes, tell him that how tired you are and you want to cancel and postpone some dinner dates as you need the space too. And you want to get the reality sink in. 

#3 The constant fight b/w Me-Time & We-Time

Before tying the knot you look forward to know him. But once you tie knot you have to constantly fight for a little me-time, which you never get. As you know there are thousands of things that takes up your schedule. It almost becomes impossible to watch a movie with your girls as your husband want to accompany you everywhere. In an arranged marriage this scenario is very obvious you can't even ask for your much deserved me time.

Wedstreetstyle Solution: Remember marriages are a bumpy ride which you have to cross together be it arranged setup or love. You need to make some compromises, make the other half understand and build a connection that's strong enough to resist every storm. Talk to your hubby about it all, make him understand how important some alone time is for you. And we are sure he will understand.

#4 The old Kissa-Saas-Ka 

We know it's not easy managing  Mom-in-laws. This relationship is very different kind with lot of layers and complications. One wrong step and all things can go wrong. But since it's an arrange marriage things can turn out good, as it's the mom-in-law who loved you first. However, if you  get into any small fights here is the solution.

Wedstreetstyle Solution: Before you start judging her our advice get to know what she really means. Never cross-question or treat her in a bad way. She is your mom too, make her understand what you are trying to say and things will be fine.

#5 The Parents Fight

This one is one of the silliest fights, a married couple can get into. Choosing between your parents and his parents is silly. If you find that he doesn't give respect to your parents or his parents are interfering a lot in your life then these problems rise up.
Wedstreetstyle Solution: Don't act silly or stupid, be mature and act as a responsible adult, don't involve the parents into this fight and sort it out yourself over a cup of coffee. And make sure you don't fight on this reason again.

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