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Goodearth For Nialya: The Launch of Luxury Wallpapering 'Silk Route'


Team Guiltybytes was invited to the launch of new collection – Silk Route from their luxury wall covering line called Nilaya of Asian Paints. The collection has been designed exclusively for Nilaya by celebrated design house, Good Earth.

The brand aims to bring home fresh new design experiences in three ways – creation, curation and collaboration with renowned designers and design houses such as Sabyasachi. These are not just wallpapers they are wall covering arts and are a visual treat. And Good Earth has brought out endless romance with nature, history, heritage and original ideas to bring home an aesthetic that is at once Indian, global, traditional and modern. 

The wallpaper collection have three evocative themes – Charbagh, Palmyra and Xanadu and 17 designs, all carefully curated by Anita Lal, Pavitra Rajaram and Asha Madan of Good Earth, take us through Mughal gardens, balmy Mandalay groves,the floral paradise of the islands of the Indian Ocean and magical Chinoiserie scenes. The idea behind the wallpapers is to showcase the Enchanting country India which is an amalgam of eclectic influences and the assimilation of indigenous and Asian cultures over millennia. Each wallpaper tells a story through the language of design and craft. Nilaya therefore embraces a global spirit with an Indian soul. 

For Silk Route a specialist firm based in the UK was approached with one of the few remaining surface print machines in the world. Their artisanal approach, particularly suited for individual nuances of bespoke collections, also mirrors the earth friendly philosophy of both Nilaya and Good Earth

Silk Route thus comes to life with water based colours and, in some cases, hand and machine cut rollers have been used to transpose patterns on to natural feel paper which glint with subtle glimmers of gold and silver. The Silk Route collection will be retailed both domestically and internationally. In India, the wall coverings will be available at all the Good Earth and Asian Paints flagship stores and also on

Find all information on Good Earth here and more on Nilaya by Asian Paints here.

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