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5 DIY Hairstyles For The Brides With Curly Hair!


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Only girls with curly hair knows the real struggle of managing them. And when you are bride with curly hair, the problem increases. You are expected to wake up with fine curls every morning. Well, but only curly hair girl knows that it gets really boring to have a same style all through the week. So, if you are doing your own hair on your pre-wedding function, shopping and date nights, then read on. As #Wedstreetstyle team decodes 5 super easy hairstyle that you can look gorgeous in.

#1 Side Messy Braids 

It looks breathtaking and amazing on curly hairs. You only need to practice and perfect the art of messiness in it. It's a super easy hairstyle, you can adorn on your date nights with long flowy gown or or on mehendi with your patiala.
DIY - Comb well too smoothen you hair and make it frizz free. Now, part your hair on your sides and pull it back on the nape of your neck and start braiding and  tie it with elastic. Take out some fly outs that will make your look more appealing, now complete the look with a tiara. 

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#2 Bun it!

If you are bored with letting your hair fall in those boring girls, then bun will come to your rescue. Just go for a messy bun on your date nights. They are chic and looks really beautiful on the curly hair. You don't need to perfect it. Just go with the flow.
DIY- Grab all your hair with the hand at the back, twist them and leave it as it is, now start securing it with bobby pins. Add a designer hair pin or little flowers to make it look amazing

#3 The Princess Curls

If tying is too boring for you then princess curls will add all  the freshness to your hairstyle. It's easy and looks pitch perfect on the curly hair. And you don't have to be a master in it.
DIY- Comb your hair well, take two small sections and pin it at the back, you can even create a bow knot with your hair. Now let loose some locks and tadda you are ready. You can add tiara, or anything else to make it more beautiful.

#4 Spiral Curl high ponytail

If you have soft curls then you can really master this look and believe it's really simple, anyone can do it. 
DIY- For this wash your hair in the night with shampoo, do not use blow dryer to dry it, rather dry it with your fingers. Also, make sure not to use comb or hair brush. Pull all the hair in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

#5 Straighten and Soft curls

Girls with curly and short hair can simply rck this look like Kajal. 
DIY- Wash your hair, apply serum and straighten them using a hair straightener. The idea is not to make the hair look super fine but instead just get clean hair that can be rolled softly into waves. Tie your hair in a pony tail and then use a curling iron rod to create waves or soft curls. The process is super simple and then you accessorize your hair with some flowers and hair accessories as applicable. 

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