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Expert Wedding Decor Tips According To Feng Shui For Every Couple!


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In India weddings are a grand celebration, we do every possible thing to make it a memorable affair for everyone to remember. We want everything pitch-perfect on this big day of our life from menu to venue, food to decor. You want this day to be beautiful and straight out of fairy tale. So, to make it all true, feng shui the ancient art and science of china can help. Confused? Don't be, with the help of feng shui you can make it a picture perfect day.

Know All About Feng Shui!
In simple general term, Feng Shui is an art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is believed that it ensures the energy balance of a given space so that health, happiness and prosperity comes in.

It's simple feng in Chinese means wind and Shui means water, and they both associated with good fortune.

Let's get the details 
It is believed in Feng Shui, that we all have a KUA number that further guides us in the long run of our life and ensures good fortune (it's just like a zodiac sign). On the basis of KUA number you will know what element you are. So, before starting anything, you need to first find your KUA number.
You can calculate your KUA number Here!

Wedding Decor Tips For all the Elements

#1  'Water' Element
  • The colours that works best for water element are black, navy blue and purple.
  • Try opting for decoration that have waves and curves as these are the best shapes for you.
  • Go for a metal fountain as the central piece of your wedding or flashy metal aquariums.
#2 'Wood' Element
  • The best colour for wood element is green 
  • Go for flowers and plants decoration in your wedding, everything that has a natural touch to it
#3 'Fire' Element
  • If you are a fire element opt  for reddish purple, blood red and maroon colour decoration for your wedding day
  • You can go for designer lamps, scented candles and perfumes in your wedding decoration
#4 'Earth' Element
  • Opt for brown and yellow colour decoration in your wedding ceremonies, it will work as wonders
  • You can add pebble decorations in mason jar, sandy theme on your wedding
#5 'Metal' Element
  • If you are a metal element the best colour that will suit you are metallic and pastel shades
  • Opt for a big centerpiece in metal as your weddin decoration
Colour Combination that works for all couples tying the knot 
  • If you are about to tie the knot, opt for red and pink, it's a safe choice for all the couples
  • Green red is also an auspicious colour combination for couple about to take their final vows
  • Blue and green also works best and brings happiness in the couple's life if chosen as wedding decor
Colours to avoid 
  • Blue & Yellow
  • Blue & red
  • Yellow & Green
  • Red & Black
Dear all the couples, add these Feng Shui tips in your wedding decor to start your happily ever after.  Team #Wedstreetstyle wishes you a happy life!

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