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#BrideGuide: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Gemstone Jewellery!


Every bride waits eagerly for her big day to come for which she starts planning months before, from coordinated lehenga to matching jewellery. The latest trend that brides are opting for is a gemstone jewellery that looks amazing on them. But there are some common mistake everyone does while shopping for it. So, here is your complete guide to gemstone shopping and mistakes that you need to avoid.
#1 Do not buy it Online!
Never ever buy a gemstone jewellery online. It is one of the biggest mistake you can make, because colours can vary on screen and in real. The piece that looks amazing on laptop might not look good in real. So, before you spend some big amount purchasing your dream gemstones, make sure you are not buying it online.

#2 Make a budget
Do not spent a huge amount on your gemstones. The trend might change and you won't be ever wear it again. So, make sure you make a budget and do not exceed it at any cost, no matter how pretty the gems are.

#3 Buy the right one
Don't fall in the trap of shopkeepers and buy a gem that doesn't suit you. There is no use of buying one which you aren't going to wear. So, do clever shopping, by something that you can wear after your wedding and doesn't gets outdated.

#4 Research well!
This one is really common, we know what gemstone we want, but we don't do the necessary research about it. If you know what you want do a full fledged research, know whether  the gem is real or not. Be sure you know how  to judge it.

#5 Buy it from the right seller
Another mistake we do is going to any random seller and buying a gemstone from them. Always trust an authentic jeweller and buy gems from them only. Get the card assuring the originality of the gem. Also, make sure to go to someone who is an expert in selling gems and know what's right.

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