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5 Reasons You Should Go On A Mini- moon Before Tying The Knot


Every once in a while, in a midst of an ordinary life, LOVE gives you a Fairy Tale...

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So, you said ‘Yes’ to your parents’ choice and are now ready to tie the knot. But it’s just a while you have known him. You still don’t have any idea, how it would be when you have to deal with day-to-day life issues together? Or maybe you want to kick-start your arranged love before walking the aisle (who doesn’t want that). So, why not go on a mini-moon before you say ‘I Do’. You will get plenty of reasons from your entire family why you should not go. But, #Wedstreetstyle team gives you 5 reasons you should all go on a mini moon with your partner before taking the vows. Read on and pack your bags.

#1 You will get to see a DIFFERENT Side
When you are in a different land and different city, away from all the pressure and daily routine, you can explore another side of each other. It will give you a chance to notice and understand each other in a different light. You will get more close with every passing second. The doubts will be cleared, because you are away from all the comfort and it will give you an opportunity to understand and digest in the fact that ‘Yes! You got your MR. Right’.

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#2 You will know the level of Compatibility
Well, just a trip won’t tell you all about the person, but while travelling together to a new place, can unfold lot of facets. You will get to know the compatibility level between you both. And, while you will be sharing lots of things together, it will give you a sense of how compromising you both are, sharing the last bite from the plate. It will all bring you a close and one step up in your relation.

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#3 You will learn the art of handling each other
The mini-moon is just a small teaser of your life, so, if you get into a fight and sort it within next 10 minutes with just a HUG. Baby, you are walking in the right direction. This is the biggest reason why you should travel with your man-to-be before you tie the knot. You will learn the art of how to handle each other in days of stress. If you can handle the travelling stress and arguments, then you are ready for the journey ahead.

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#4 Finally, You can give TIME!
This happens a lot of time, you both are not able to give the required time to each other (just one or two day meeting, won’t give you time to know each other). But this trip can, when you are away from your routine work and family, together you can explore and get close to each other on a spiritual and emotional level. You can learn a lot about your partner, their weird habit of eating their nails, or those carefree eyes, and it will all make you fall in love.

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#5 You will get to fall in LOVE
Many times we are scared to tie the knot with a complete stranger. The fear we all have is what if we don’t fall in love? However, this trip will solve the purpose, making you fall in love deeper and deeper by every passing second. The surrounding, the romantic dinner nights and waking up next to him will show you a different side of love, which doesn’t hurry.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go on, book your tickets and plan a great mini-honeymoon with your man-to-be! 

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