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5 Super Cute Ways To Enjoy Your Honeymoon While On Your Periods!


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Uh-oh! Your worst nightmare got true? Your periods paid you a visit, just before leaving for the honeymoon. Now, that’s something really scary and a complete mood spoiler. But wait before you cry your heart out, and let all the hopes down. It’s the new start to the roller-coaster ride of being married. And you can’t let the ‘flow’ ruin it. So, #Wedstreetstyle team thought to decode 5 super cute ways to enjoy your honeymoon with the periods on that too in style!

#1 Say ‘Hi’ to BOHO Dresses
We know you must have packed cute and super-HOT bikinis and bodycon dresses, but give it a break. If you are on your periods, for the first two days avoid body hugging dresses as it will show off your swollen tummy. Choose comfortable empire length loose dresses and maxi dresses and get stylish.

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#2 Bye! Bye! Cramps
If your flow comes with the cramps and non-bearable pain, then keep the tablets in hand. It will ease your pain and will give you more ways to enjoy. However, if this doesn’t works, eat 7-10 almonds, all the pain will go away.

#3 No more Body Aches
Period pain and roaming around, makes your body ache. Then don’t worry, here is the solution, take some time and go for a hot water bath. The entire body ache will go away, making you more relaxed. You can even spice up your nights, call in your partner and have some fun!

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#4 Call for some HAPPY Times
Who said, honeymoon is all about getting ‘ahem-ahem’! You can have some fun by just exploring each other’s different sides. Why not go on a romantic date night, and just talk and talk all night. This will be a great honeymoon memory.

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#5 Pimple problems!
We know, with periods comes the pimple uninvited. But no more bad days because of the angry pimple! Just take one drop of apple cider vinegar and put it on the pimple, Whoosh Pimple gone.

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