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5 Best Tips To Take Care Of Your DIAMOND Jewellery!


Who doesn't love diamond jewellery??? Diamonds have and always will be every girl's best friend, As much as buying diamond jewellery is fun , taking care of them is equally important. You cannot just buy diamonds and hope that they will keep shining forever on their own. They need some special care and attention otherwise they can lose it's shine and can cost additional money for maintenance. Just follow these simple steps on how to take care of your precious diamond jewellery.

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#1 Diamonds And Heat A Big NO NO : 
Even though diamonds requite a fairly high temperature to burn, It's best advised not to wear Diamond jewellery during really hot summers.

#2 Steer Away From Sharp Objects 
Sharp objects can scratch your diamond surface and even the smaller diamonds are at a risk of falling off! Scratches from sharp objects can make the diamonds loose their shine too.

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#3 Say No To Frequent Touching:
The oil on your finger can create grease and dust on the diamonds. So try avoiding touching them frequently.

#3 No Contact With Cosmetics & Perfumes:
Always wear your jewellery after getting fully dressed. Wearing before makeup can dirty the jewellery thereby making it look faded.

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#4 Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Away From Water or Soap:
Before you go for swim or shower always remember to take off your jewellery. The chlorine present in water is not good for the diamonds neither is the chemical present in soap which can create a film on the diamonds, which does not simply come off by washing. So, never wear your jewellery like ring during bathing.

5) When You Exercise, Do Not Wear Them:
Because even sweat can reduce the shine of diamonds. So while going to gym, keep those diamonds away!

Cleaning Techniques:

#1 Use Soft Brush:
If you want to clean your diamonds at home then clean it with the soft brush and always remember to scrub it softly. If you will do harshly, it can be lost its shine. 

#2 Use Soft Cloth:
If there is a little dust on diamonds then you can use soft cloth to clean it up. 

#3 Professional Care:
If you don't have time to clean your diamonds, then we will suggest you to take your diamonds to a professional for cleaning at least once in a year. 

#4 Toothpaste
Rub little toothpaste on your diamond jewellery and clean with a soft brush for instant shine.

#5 Dish Washing Soap
Take some warm water (almost hot) and dish washing soap. Soak your ring for about 20 to 40 minutes, gently brush the stone with a very soft toothbrush, and then rinse under warm running water. 

Diamonds are PRECIOUS. Not only they are expensive but they are also close to our hearts. So, follow these simple tips and make sure that your diamonds will shine till the end of time. Till then, Sparkle Like A Diva!

TIP: Always keep your diamond jewellery in a pouch or box. 

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