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5 Super Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For The New Age Bride


Have you been to any wedding, where you really thought, the bride had over done her makeup? Like really, there are some brides-to-be who just put layers and layers of foundation on their wedding or pre-wedding function (which sometimes can create a whole mess). The famous makeup artist Ambika Pillai once revealed in a workshop, that the brides wants fairer of fairer skin for their wedding day.

Though there is nothing wrong it, but not knowing your complete look can create the blunder. Most of the brides, don’t even know what eye makeup they would like with their outfit and believe me a full winged liner won’t go with a cute pastel pink lehenga. So, for the all the brides-to-be who haven’t yet decided their look, we are here to help you. Save it all in your gallery.

#1 The Smokey Eyes!

At some point, we all believed that smokey eyes look scary and not a right choice for the wedding day. But no that's not the case, brides. This year you can experiment with as much as you can, they are in style and looks perfect with all gold outfit. 

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#2 The Cute Cat Eyes

Your eyes are the most important part, choose the right makeup for it. If you like cat eyes don't go on for a crazy cat eyes rather the best option is to give a little twirl to the end of your liner, and tadaa you are done. 

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#3 Neutral Eyes

Remember if you are opting for a neutral eyeshadow, keep your lips bold to match the whole look and also so that you face doesn't loose it's charm. You can play around with a your shadow and opt smokey on your lower lid.

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#4 The Big lashes Story!

If you always wanted to adorn the big lash look, do it on your pre-wedding functions. And make sure you don't opt for lash extensions for your wedding day, because all the crying after it will make your look spoil.

A photo posted by Morvi Images (@morviimages) on

A photo posted by Morvi Images (@morviimages) on

#5 Golden Eyes

No one can get wrong with golden eyeshadow, it compliments the bride. It can go on evert type of outfit, just select the right hue and you are ready to go. 
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A photo posted by (@wedmegood) on

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