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5 Things You Should NOT Ask At The Arranged Marriage ‘First’ Meeting!


So, you are ready to tie the knot that too the old school way! Well, we are sure by now you must be having millions and millions of thoughts. After all, it’s not easy meeting a stranger with the mind-set of living the whole life with them (Like Really!). We know the struggle, the anxiety, the nervousness level and that butterfly dance in the stomach.

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We all know the first meetings are really important and choosing the right words and questions is equally important. As it will help you in shortlisting the one (yup, that’s the way). So, #Wedstreetstyle team had listed out 5 topics that you should not ask at the first meeting!

 #1 Let Past be Past!
By this we really want you to understand, not to bring your past relationship topic up in the first meeting itself. There will be whole family watching and maybe even eavesdropping too! You can ask these questions and bring this topic on the second meeting, but not the first.

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#2 Do not build the Castle so Soon
This is simple and logical approach; do not start future planning on the first meeting. It’s really stupid bringing the family topic at the first meeting plus it will scare away the person also.

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#3 Your Wedding Goals!
Ok, we know you are excited for the wedding. But again, discussing what kind of wedding you want is stupid thing on the first meeting itself. There are many other important things to talk about and ask. And wedding goals is not one of them.

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#4 Joint family or Nuclear one?
Believe us, this is not the first meeting topic. You can’t just tell a complete stranger which family you would like to live in after marriage, on the first meeting itself. It’s a lot later topic. You need to first understand the person and then bring out this bomb.

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#5 Virgin Or Not!
Uh-oh! Remember this bringing this topic is a complete no-no. No matter how modern our society becomes but sex is still a taboo and before marriage it’s like a crime (Right Oldies). So, it’s advisable not to discuss this topic with your future partner, especially on the first date!

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