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#KundliGyaan: Know All About Kundli Matching & It’s Importance


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Once you attain the marriageable age and your family starts searching for that perfect match, words like Kundli, dosh, lagana and many more starts popping up. And sometimes you don’t have any idea what’s the need of getting into the depth and details. No matter, how modern we become, Kundli matching is must said Mom, when we asked her!
As earlier, we had mentioned this at #Wedstreetstyle we don’t encourage any beliefs nor we are planning to start war against them all. But for the confused souls, who know nothing about Kundli Milan, we thought to become your saviour. So, read on and know what exactly the KUNDLI is all about!

The Kundli Gyan!

Kundli is bit difficult to understand, you need to have some believe and open mind while understanding the science behind it. Kundli is the little book or card, which has all the records of planetary positions at the time we were born. In other words it’s an astrological chart, created on the basis of exact date, time, year and place of a person’s birth. The little books tell you about the exact position of sun, moon and other stars and their effect on it.
To make a Kundi for an individual, their birth day, year, place and time is required. And from all these information the personal Vedic Horoscope is made.

Why Kundli?

Kundli is said to be important, because it can help you become a better person and guide you in living a better life. It is also said that Kundli predicts the nature, career paths, and characteristics of an individual. And also tells you about the marriage and what partner suits you best. In short, it helps you make the best of your life with trust and faith in God and the science of Kundli.
How to get Kundli?

If you are born in a religious Hindu family, you must be having this little card, because our parents excited to know our future life than us, and they get it made at the time of our birth. But, if by any chance you don’t have one (Wait! Don’t be scared) you can get one by telling the Panditji your exact birth date, year, time and place. Or, you can get one online, by just filling the details. Remember to be precise on your dates or else you can mess it up.

It’s a Match!

We are sure by now you have the idea, what Kundli is exactly! Now is time to understand, how the perfect partner is matched with this little chart! Well, for us who know nothing about the science of stars, it won’t be easy. When Panditji matches our Kundli, they look at the basic key points like birth place, date, year and time. And the planetary positions, the match that has more Gunas (positive points) is considered to be best.
Guna – Uh-oh! Now what’s that?

Relax! It’s the science behind matching the Kundli. Guna are positive points that are matched in a kundli to get the best partner. There are 8 points known as Gunas, which are added to match the Kundli. Each Guna has a specific value, and sum of these 8 Gunas come to be 36.
It’s is said and believed by all, while matching that there should be 18 points to be matched to live a happy married life and if there are less than 18 point the marriage is not advised. Also, if the matched points are more than 27, then it’s considered to be the best possible match. 
The legendary 8 Guna's

While matching the Kundli, following 8 Guna's are considered for the best match:
  • Varna - Matching of the castes (Brahmin (highest), Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra)
  • Vashya - The Mutual affection & Romance
  • Tara - Longevity of the marriage
  • Yoni - The nature and physical compatibility 
  • Graha Maitri - The friendship level that comes naturally
  • Gan - Mental Compatibility
  • Bhakoot - Emotional understanding and compatibility
  • Nadi - Indication of Child birth
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We, hope by now you all have understood the ancient practice of Kundli matching! We don't say it's a superstition, it might have it's logic and science behind. But characterizing love on pure basis of Kundli matching is wrong! We should give love a chance!
On this note #Wedstreetstyle team wishes you all a successful and Happy marriage 

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