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6 Real Struggles Of Every Bride Who Wears a Choodha!


You know she is a Punjabi bride, when you see her adorning choodha with a bikini on exotic Goa beach. Well, choodha is one of the popular accessories of a Punjabi bride which brings good luck and happiness in her life. Traditionally, it is gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle and she doesn’t she sees it before her wedding and she is supposed to wear it for at least 40 days after the wedding. While almost all the girls who had grew up seeing this tradition is all excited about wearing a choodha on their wedding day but once the wedding day is over they get the reality check. Like really! You have to sleep it, bath in it which makes it a lot difficult for them. So, if you are soon going to wear your own choodha soon, then here are real struggles that will surely leave you frustrated. Read on and have a laugh!

#1 Uh-oh, Choodha with Western Wear!
Believe us; if you are a fashion freak, then you will instantly know choodha and western dresses doesn’t go together. And once the wedding is over, you have to head straight to your honeymoon land where you have to look your best. Picture this, you wearing a bunch of red and white bangles with a bikini in a foreign land. Uh-oh it’s a complete mismatch and also you might end up with glares for your fashion sense.

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#2 It’s really difficult to sleep in!
If you are already married, you understand what we are talking about. Sleeping in choodha is tricky and irritating at times with all the tossing and turning. It gets difficult to sleep in a position where you get peace; also, it gets really hot wearing one. Plus, you get the choodha imprints on your hand and face when you sleep over it.

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#3 The ‘Churn-Churn’ of your bangles
At first, you might think the churning sound as beautiful and cute, but hearing it every day, every hour, every second of the day will leave you irritating. You can’t help it but to listen to it day in and day out. You have to drive, cook, bath and watch TV listening to the sound of your choodha.

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#4 It gets really HOT!

By HOT, we don’t mean visually but actually hot. And if you are a summer bride, God bless you. The elbow length choodha will make you sweat more and all the bangles together will generate more heat. And at that time you feel really irritated will all the heat and sweat.
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#5 Winters & Choodha!
And here comes winter, making our life more complicated. Believe us, getting in and out of your soft woollens with choodha is not at all an easy task. You have to fight to get out, and you might even damage your pretty sweater. Also, you have to handle the weight of your choodha and the full-sleeves sweater.
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#6 The Poor Husbands
Your husband too knows the struggle of a wife with a choodha, like he has to listen to your choodha noise every day. It’s a morning alarm for him, plus the choodha comes in the way of love making (Opps). 
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