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#BrideGuide: 7 Tips To Buy The Perfect Wedding Shoes!


As a bride you must be having lot of dreams selecting your wedding attire to your makeup and hair. You want best of everything to make the day memorable and every eyes glued on you. While, we give so much importance to wedding lehenga that we almost forget about matching or selecting the right footwear (which is equally important or even more). #Wedstreetstyle team brings to you tips and tricks to buy the perfect wedding shoes, so that you don’t end up with a sore foot on your big day.

#1 Pick Quality over Quantity! Always!
The biggest mistake as a bride you can ever commit is getting into the trap of shopkeeper, and selecting a pair that you don’t feel is right. Don’t just select a design that looks appealing but deep down you know, it won’t last long. Always pick the right quality footwear, as you are going to walk in them the whole day.

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#2 Select the right colours
We know you might be having lot of expectations from your wedding shoes, and you must be thinking of contrasting them, but we advise you to always choose the safe colours like gold and silver that goes perfectly with any colour attire. Also, this colour will add a touch of elegance to your overall outfit.
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#3 Choose comfort over style
Another mistake we all do (almost all of us) is to select a pair that we have a second thought. Remember if the pair fits you perfectly, great! But if you don’t feel comfortable in it, move on, that pair is not for you. You have to spend hours in your wedding shoes, so it has to be something that fits you well and are comfortable.
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#4 Know the Length of your lehenga
Most of select our wedding outfit first and then start searching for wedding shoes, but the better option is to always select the shoes first and then go for your lehenga search. This way, you will have an idea, what outfit length will suit you best, and will save you from any tripping incident as well (leaving you in an awkward situation).

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#5 Keep a Backup
Another most important tip while going on your wedding shoes shopping is to always select a backup. A heel or without heel sandal that you can always carry as a backup, because accidents do happens and it’s always better to be prepared then to be sorry later.

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#6 Don’t keep it packed
This is the biggest mistake you can do, keeping your wedding shoes packed, and opening it on the day of your wedding. New shoes are always uncomfortable at first, you need to wear it before, so that you get used to walking in it. Wear your shoes inside your home for few hours every day, so that it takes the shape of your feet and you feel lot comfortable walking in it on your wedding day.

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#7 Wedding Venue
Before you go out and start searching for your perfect Cinderella shoes, remember to keep the wedding venue in mind. If you are going to get married in a farmhouse and have to walk on grass, do not select pencil heels, it will get stick to it and you can trip. Opt for heels with broad base like block heels, wedges are a nice option and they are really comfortable to wear.
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