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East Meets West Food Festival At Akira Back, JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity


The all-new food festival East meets West at Akira Back East underlines the inspirations of two different cultural backgrounds to one cuisine. There is Japanese cuisine brought up by two chefs having Japanese roots but different locations. Chef Tomoyuki Kiga from Japan & Chef Corey Asato from Hawaii, US have created a gourmet experience featuring amalgamation of eastern & western flavors with international favorites. Here’s a quick first impression of our meal at Akira Back and why you certainly must attend the East meets West food festival this weekend.

We started our meal with delightful serving of Kiga Nori Cracker. The Kimchee dip along with dehydrated chilli curls tantalized the taste buds just enough to prepare us for the feast that awaited us!

The Chef then presented Zenbu Sake Rolls that were packed with very well balanced and refreshing flavors of smoked Ikura, crispy salmon and aburi salmon. We also love the subtle aftertaste of Yuzu Aioli. These sake rolls used every part of the salmon, from the skin to the roe itself.

We moved onto steamed appetizers by Chef Corey Aasato that by the way were absolute winners for the night. The Eiji Black Cod Lettuce Cups reminded us of comforting home cooked flavours of wontons! The mango coulis, negi, wonton with pepper strings wrapped in a bed of lettuce was soft, crunchy and super scrumptious.

The mains were packed with flavors of Asian subcontinent that exploded in mouth with every single bite! It was the west coast curry that really did represent the amalgamated flavors of east & west in a Japanese platter. The Western Coast Curry consisted of Inaniwa noodles, Tempura Enoki, Todu Katsu, Fukuzjinzuke. It’s a dish that I would recommend to all vegans out there.

We were stuffed by the time dessert arrived! The freshness of a meji macha cake was stellar. The citrus fruits along with white chocolate and matcha cake was indeed a heaven in the plate.

The #EastMeetsWest festival will run until 11th September, 2016.

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  1. Too Good, The mains were packed with flavors of Asian subcontinent that exploded in mouth with every single bite!

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