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7 Real Struggles For The Brides With The Glasses!


We feel you!

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It’s not easy being a bride. And that too when you have a best friend always stuck with you, right on your face – Your Glasses. You can’t really think of taking them out and get bumped into people who you have no idea was waving you from so far. While we have seen so many grooms, donning the spectacle look on their wedding and no brides doing so.
Believe us; we know the pain of getting up in the morning and searching for the specs first and then starting the day. We know how it feels every time we try the hot dress in a specs (The whole looks get ruined). So, to make you feel less miserable and to express you deep love-hate relationship with your dear glasses in words, we are here! Read on and have a laugh because it’s really-really not easy being a bride with Glasses.

#1 Should I wear Specs on the Dates or Not?
The constant thought, whether to wear glasses on your date with your man-to-be or not. You get double thoughts, some sport it really well and other fails and then you need to constantly remove it before getting your pictures clicked.

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#2 Rains making you blind
There are those rainy days; you step out of your car and get the sudden attack of cloud blindness on your glasses. Ahh, and forget doing a romantic rain dance with your love.

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#3 When you try contacts for the first time
We all have been there, believe us. The first time we try putting the lens in our eyes. And the pain of poking your eyes every time you try and put it.

#4 When your makeup doesn’t show behind your glasses
You did the perfect cat eyeliner, but irony of your whole eye makeup it doesn’t shows behind your glasses. And no one admires it. Yup it hurts.

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#5 When the glasses come in between your Romantic sessions
It happens, and it’s funny. Like you try to get into that cute romantic kiss and your glasses spoil the moment.

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#6 When you always say NO to 3D movies
People think you don’t like 3D movies, but only you know the struggle of managing your 3d glasses on top of regular one.

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#7 When you have to drop the idea of teaming your glasses with the lehenga
We all know glasses don’t look good with your lehenga and you have to ditch your glasses for the contacts, to get the princess look. So, here comes the real struggle of putting lens in your eyes without hurting them.

So, relax all  the brides-to-be with glasses, chill and have a laugh!

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